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The Osterburg opens its digital castle gates

Thanks to us, the Osterburg in Gera can now also be explored digitally in a 360° tour. In addition to the virtual tour experience, the free smartphone app "Osterburg 2.0" with our technology has been expanded to include a quiz. The app was realized with the help of subsidies from the Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft Ostthüringen mbH. The digital mascot "Türmini" guides visitors through the castle with an audio guide at 16 stations. Quiz questions can be answered and with 75% correct answers you can even look forward to a digital prize. "Türmini" can be easily placed in the living room at home, outside in the garden and anywhere else with the appropriate mobile phone function via Augmeted Reality.

Click here for a digital tour of the Osterburg and many other cultural monuments!
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