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VR/AR Association: rooom acquires two new companies. Focus on corporate and trade event Metaverse creation

Read the article and are now officially part of rooom! 

Both companies possess unique expertise in 3D online software and hardware-based 3D scanning which complement our mission of providing unmatched metaversal content creation tools and solutions.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity of bringing both of these innovative German companies into the rooom fold. Our incredibly successful launch at the end of Q3 2021 gave us a huge influx of new clients and customers, who are all relying on rooom for creating virtual experiences throughout the Web and soon in our metaverse. We are very proud to have such talented teams of professionals joining the company and their contributions and tech will prove to be critical for not only sustaining rooom’s growth throughout 2022, but exceeding even our own aggressive sales forecasting.”

Hans Elstner, CEO rooom