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The rooom 3D Product Viewer offers you the possibility to present your products online in a more vivid way than ever before. Visitors to your shop can freely view each product from all sides and, if necessary, project it into their living room with just one click via AR. This supports the purchase process, increases interest in your offers and ensures significantly lower return rates.

Product visualization simple & universal

You can integrate our 3D Product Viewer into existing shop systems as easily as into any other type of website. You can send 3D product views by email or share them socially. There are almost no limits to your possibilities. This is also due to the fact that we attach great importance to keeping the processed data volumes as low as possible. So that every device can easily become a travel guide into the 3D world. In order to integrate your individual 3D models, you have different possibilities.

And the loading time of your shop pages?

You've optimized your site to deliver optimal load times and now you're supposed to incorporate rooom 3D technology? Yes! The minimal impact on load time is what makes the rooom 3D Product Viewer special. Only when the site visitor hovers their mouse over a product they like, does it begin to rotate. In fact, the full 3D view doesn't even start loading until the prospect clicks on the 3D button. Thus, for the presentation of the normal product view, hardly any additional loading time is needed at first and your shop remains fast.

Advantages of 3D visualization

Presenting products vividly offers your customers and you numerous advantages. You benefit from the most modern 3D visualization several times over, because your customers know what they are getting into and you have the chance to make your product comprehensible from all sides. Whether in existing shop systems or in your own solutions, our 3D product viewer can be easily implemented. No high hardware requirements are necessary for the visualization on end devices.

3D Product Viewer

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