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The basis of our platform are 3D objects. In addition to the possibility of creating 3D models from photos, with the rooomSCAN app we also offer you a possibility with which you can easily and incredibly quickly turn your products into 3D models yourself. The 3D scanner app developed by us enables you to completely scan a real object within a few seconds and convert it into a 3D model.

Advantages of our 3D Scan Software

Creating 3D models has never been so easy! With rooomSCAN we make 3D scanning suitable for mass production. Our powerful 3D scan software ensures highly precise results in the shortest possible time. With the user-friendly 3D scanner app for iOS and Android, anyone can easily create 3D models without any special know-how or technology. Every step is explained in detail, so that no previous knowledge is needed. All you need is the free app and an account on the rooom platform. Even a free version is sufficient. Have fun trying it out!





Download the 3D Scanner App now!

The rooomSCAN app is available free of charge in the App Store for iOS.

How does the 3D scan work?

rooomSCAN turns your mobile device into a full-fledged 3D scanner. Simply pick an object, launch the app and let it guide you through the scanning process. Once your object is captured from all angles, you get a preview, name your scan and upload the data with one click. A few minutes later, you can view the finished 3D model from all sides in the app - also in augmented reality.

3D scan of a chair

Post-processing and sharing of the 3D model

If you have a Basic, Premium or Enterprise Package, you can continue to use your self-created 3D models. For each of your objects you will then receive your own 3D Product Viewer with an individual link. An adjustment of the digital lighting and the insertion of explanatory texts are also possible from the Basic account.

You can use it in a variety of ways - easily share your DIY 3D Scan with customers, friends and colleagues:

  • Share 3D object via email or social media
  • Embed 3D Product Viewer on the website
  • Integrate 3D products into an online shop
  • 3D scanner app on the smartphone

    For which objects is the 3D Scan suitable?

    A 3D model can be created from almost any object with the help of the rooomSCAN app. Natural objects or even people can achieve breathtakingly good results. Helpful are also well recognizable patterns or structures and a good illumination. Not suitable are objects with reflective or transparent surfaces. The objects should not be smaller than 3 centimeters. Everything else you can digitize with a maximum distance of 5 meters anytime and anywhere with rooomSCAN.

    3D scan of a guitar Photo: Stefanie Loos on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics

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