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3D objects form the basis of a 3D platform. So it's clear that we offer you a rooom solution that allows you to easily transform your products into 3D models: rooomSCAN. The rooomSCAN app, in combination with a Structur scanner and a mobile iOS device, enables you to scan the entire surface of a real object in front of you within seconds. Simply walk around your object with your iPhone or iPad. Your real object appears immediately in 3D on the screen and you can send it to our system. There we provide you with a preview and an offer for the creation of the finished, fully operational 3D model including texture and lighting.

For which objects is the 3D Scan suitable?

Almost any object can be scanned with rooomSCAN and sent to our system. Things with reflective or transparent surfaces are not suitable. Also note that objects should not be smaller than 3 cm. Everything else can be digitized with a maximum distance of 5 meters at any time and everywhere with the rooomScanner.

For which objects is the 3D Scan suitable?

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