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Beyond Reality: How to transform your marketing with AI and Augmented Reality

Masterclass | May 2024

At the OMR Festival 2024, rooom-CEO Hans Elstner presented a masterclass on the future of marketing. You will learn how to design interactive showrooms, bring products to life with AR and offer personalized customer experiences through AI. Practical examples illustrate how these technologies are being used successfully in various industries.

-Video in German language-

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Didactics meets Metaverse: Unlocking digital learning potential

Lunch & Learn | April 2024

This webinar opens the door to a new era of education in the Metaverse. Dr. Sirkka Freigang not only provides an introduction to the theory of smart learning, but also shows how didactic approaches can be applied in the Metaverse. The "Metaverse for Learning" hub offers a hands-on collection of curated 3D learning environments.

-Video in German language-

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