3D Shop Integrations

Integrate 3D product experiences seamlessly to your e-commerce shop.

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With the rooom platform you can easily embed 3D content into your e-commerce shop and share it with your customers, similar to a YouTube video. We put special emphasis on keeping the loading time of your page on track, even with 3D experience. Thanks to an API or plugin, the integration is simple and convenient - no matter which shop software you are using.

Start selling more with 3D experiences

Emotional customer experience

With the help of 3D elements, your customers can dive right into your product and company world.

Improved brand awareness

3D e-commerce integrations are by far not yet used by all providers. Become a pioneer and stay in mind of your customers!

Increased user retention

The longer a user engages with your products, the more likely they are to become a customer. In addition, increased length of time spent on your site improves your SEO stats.

Integrate rooom to your e-commerce platform

We offer different integration options

  • rooom plugin for your e-commerce software
  • Embedding via iFrame
  • API
  • Custom solutions possible

You want to scale up your e-commerce experience?

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Accelerate you online sales with our 3D e-commerce integrations

Take your e-commerce store to the next level with the seamless integration of our applications!

3D & AR Product Viewer

Interactive product views turn your e-commerce shop into a true shopping experience! This way, you can facilitate and accelerate purchase decisions and enjoy lower return rates. The integrated Augmented Reality feature brings a virtual product directly to the customers' homes - without needing an app!

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Interactive Product Configuration

Simplify the presentation of product variants by letting your customers easily configure the products they really want. With our interactive 3D configurator, online shopping becomes a completely new experience!

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Virtual Showroom

Showcase your products in a virtual brand world to offer your customers an exciting interactive way for experiencing your products. The increased average length of time spent on your site will improve your search engine rankings and customer loyalty.

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How to integrate 3D into your e-commerce shop

3D shop integrations offer significant potential to reinvent online shopping. Find out in our free whitepaper how to increase conversions in your online shop with 3D digital twins.

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Scale up your e-commerce shop with 3D integrations. Let us show you how!

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