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What is Rooom?

rooom is your personal multi-dimensional space of ideas, set up according to your ideas. Your personal "living room" on the Internet, where you can collect your favorite furniture, songs, apps and favorites in 2D, 3D and VR and share them with your friends. Unite all your interests in one place!

rooom is the three-dimensional communication platform that opens up completely new possibilities for you. So far you've told your friends what you do and what you like. Now you can finally show them!


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At rooom you don't just get a dashboard or pinboard. You get a whole room. If you want even more rooms. Your rooms. Space for ideas. Set them up the way you want. You decide which furniture can be seen in which colour in your rooms. You decide which songs and which movies are on your shelf, what you want to lend out to your friends through the ingenious lending system, which music your equipment plays and what you can see as soon as you look out of the window.
Despite the revolutionary technologies and the considerable development effort, we decided to offer rooom for private users completely free of charge.
Sharing is now 3D! Would you like to recommend music, movies, games or books to your friends? Just invite them into your room and they can look up what you like in your personal shelf. Or look on your table to see the pizza box of your favorite delivery service. Maybe discover your ingenious guitar on a wall bracket. And on the virtual TV screen, your favorite series is currently running. This is how sharing works today! You want a room for yourself all by yourself? No problem! Only you decide who is allowed to visit you in which of your rooms.
Rooom is free of personalized advertising. No annoying text and image displays that repeat 100 times. No content you don't really want to see. Instead, go on exciting discovery tours and chat with your friends and acquaintances! Of course, you can also visit the rooms of your favourite brands, but it's up to you.
Experience rooom from different perspectives. Whether via PC, smartphone (just download the rooom app in the Playstore), tablet or console, you have the best access to the personal virtual space of your social contacts. You decide whether you want to experience rooom in 2D, 3D or VR. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard or 3D glasses: you can discover rooom in many ways!
Register now for free and start directly with the intuitive tutorial. Within a very short time you will bring your own virtual space to life.
How many different apps do you use? How many places do you collect books, music and videos? which chat programs do you prefer to communicate via? Whatever your preferences may look like, rooom has room for them. Collect your favorite content, items, shoes and whatever else your heart desires in your room and see what your friends are interested in.


If you share data - in whatever form - on the Internet, it's a good feeling to know that they are as secure as in a thick-walled steel safe. The rooom team works meticulously from the very first minute on the perfect security architecture of the network.

Secure encryption and extremely strict data protection mechanisms are closely linked with the configuration options that you as a user have at your fingertips. Keep full control over your "safe", for which only you know the "number combination" to open it. Only you alone determine to what extent you want to share your content and who your friends can see it.


After you repaint the wall in one of your virtual rooms and place your new shoes on the shelf next to the front door, you take a look at the skyline of your hometown from the window. The twilight has already set in and throws orange light into your virtual home.

You remember that you wanted to visit Anna's room for a while, because she wants to show you something. Since you're good friends, she has allowed you to go in and out whenever you want.

After you've hardly arrived, you look directly at her shelf to see what she has left for you. Ah, that's the song she meant. You listen to him and shake your foot. The film, which Anna wanted to have borrowed, can be placed on her shelf.

Markus just wrote to you in the chat that the celebration will start tomorrow at 22:30 o' clock. You write back briefly and return to your own room. Soon you will place a new couch here and put some new books and videos on your shelf, but there is still some time left.

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Now there is only one thing left to do. Register with rooom and convince yourself of the ingenious possibilities. If you already use Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram or similar services, then you will love rooom for sure!

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