Virtual Reality

With a showroom you create your own VR environment, which is easily accessible via the browser.Start now

Virtual Reality, VR for short, is not only fun for gamers. This technique involves the representation and perception of reality with the help of VR glasses. With our virtual rooms you can create your own VR world and make it accessible to your customers quite easily. Simply open the browser and create a very personal VR experience. Products, flyers, posters and films can be freely integrated in your own showroom and discovered by your customers. They can switch to VR mode with just one click and immerse themselves in your virtual world using popular VR systems such as Google Cardboard, Oculus, HTC Vive or Microsoft Mixed Reality.

VR made easy

No installation is required to use the VR function in the rooom showrooms and the end device used does not require any special equipment. So really each of your virtual visitors and customers can get the full enjoyment of your virtual reality world. This is possible because we attach great importance to keeping the amount of data as small as possible and to using as little computing capacity as possible.

The VR function is available in our VR Showrooms.

VR made easy