Christmas in the Metaverse

Virtual winter wonderlands for christmas campaigns

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Winter magic à la Metaverse

Metaverse marketing is a pro tip for campaigns with real WOW effects: Take your customers to a winter showroom. Present your products in 3D and AR. Integrate interactive content. Surprise your customers with a variety of Christmas promotions. To activate daily promotions you maintain the content of your metaverse christmas campaign in a CMS. No special knowledge or hardware needed.



Advent calendars

Digital Advent calendars are great to engage your customers throughout the Advent seacon. Set yourself apart and create yours in 3D.

AR for christmas mail

Enriche your classical print products with AR feature and make your consumers talk about your brand.


Christmas parties

Virtual events are a sure thing - plan them once and host them as much as needed.

Digital Advent calendars

Strengthen customer loyalty with a virtual Advent calendar in 3D

Do you know what makes digital 3D calendars so special? You can think of them in a completely new way. Your Advent calendar can take on an amazing shape. It could be the balls on a Christmas tree. Get creative and make your customers feel special.

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How does it work?

The rooom Holiday edition empowers you to set up your 3D Advent calendar in a beautiful virtual space. It works like this: Get in touch, receive your login into the rooom CMS, select a template and customize it. Select a festive 3D model which you easily turn into a 3D Advent calender by setting click points which represent the doors. Fill them with links, offers, videos and much more. Finally, share your virtual space via link or embedded it in your website.

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Your advantages at a glance

The rooom Holiday Edition includes:

  • 3D models as advent calendar
  • Easy door filling via CMS
  • Three different Space-Templates
  • Festive 3D models ready to use
  • Tool to create 3D models yourself
  • User Tracking options

What does it cost?

The rooom Holiday edition Christmas costs 149€/month for a term of one year. But because it's holiday season, you get 20% discount

You want to get started? Just fill out the form at the end and we will get back to you.

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Templates & 3D models of the rooom Holiday edition

Book the rooom Holiday edition and you gain access to these three templates. Change the colours, add some 3D products, set up your 3D Advent calendar, fill in some with images, videos, texts, links.

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Santa's workshop

Imagine your 3D Advent calendar placed in Santa's workshop - Does it get more festive? You can even create some 3D models of your own products with the rooom software and integrate them into the workshop for your customers to discover. Just book the rooom Holiday edition. Select this template and create magical content.

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Winter city

With rooom you can create the ideal winter wonderland. The snow globe template offers you a beautiful winter setting with a big Christams tree. Appeal to the spirit of discovery and hide some 3D products inside the presents under the Christmas tree. Get your login to the rooom software and start creating 3D digital twins of your products. No special knowledge needed.

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Cozy christmas loft

This space is great to set a festive mood in a modern setting. If you are selling furniture or home decor add some 3D digtial twins of your products. You don't have 3D data? No problem with the the rooom virtual showroom software you can create them in no time.

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Christmas tree

Create Christmas spirit with delightful Christmas tree. Turn the ornaments into Advent calendar doors. Easily fill them in the backend of the rooom CMS. Place some 3D models of your products under the tree. The CMS allows you to create 3D models yourself, too.

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Advent wreath

Maybe a complete 3D advent calendar is too much for your purposes. Then you could also use an Advent wreath to place special promotions on Advent Sundays.

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Winter house

Turn the winter house into a 3D advent calendar for your digital marketing campaign. Set click points and fill them with engaging content.

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Fir tree

You might aim to create a beautiful winter wonder land where a can present your winter gear or a seasonal edition of your products. In this case we recommend you  customize your space with some natural elements like this fir tree.

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Santa's sleigh

Complete your festive setting with Santa's sleigh. 

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Winter City House

Use this winter house as a 3D Advent calendar or employ it to complete the winterly scenery of your virtual space.

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Turn your own product into an 3D Advent calendar

A typical Christmas advent calendar doesn't fit the look and feel of your brand or website? Why not showcase your products as a 3D Advent calendar! With the rooom you can create 3D models of your products.

This might look like this:

Hint: You can already open the first and second door.

What does it cost? For this type of 3D model we don't have a ready-made subscription because the pricing depends on the complexity of the product and the desired functions. For example the 3D model on the right has a special explosion feature where the single parts can be seen. If you are interested get in touch with us and we will determine your individual price.

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AR for your Christmas mail

Amaze your customers with Christmas mail enriched with AR. An immersive experience like this not only gets people talking, but also sets your brand apart from its market peers.

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How it works? Plan your beautiful christmas mail as usal. With the rooom software you create the AR content which will be accessible via an AR marker. AR markers that are scannable via smartphone can be placed on classic print products.

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Virtual or hybrid Christmas parties

Virtual and hybrid christmas events are fun. Make your team or customers feel special by inviting them into an exceptional virtual world. Add entertainment like online games, image walls, chat roulette and much more.

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Do you want planning reliability for your Christmas events? Go for virtual and hybrid events. You can guarantee these and even use the content multiple times. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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Virtual spaces for Christmas events

Browse through some of our Metaverse spaces for digital christmas campaigns. Get inspired and craft your own space with us or just book a template and customize it.

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Event space for christmas

This classy dome is designed for virtual events. Integrate some video content, add some engagement features, place some 3D models and active avatars to get your christmas party started.

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Winter city

With rooom you can create the ideal winter wonderland. Use gamification and story telling for yuor digital christmas campaign.

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Festive office

You can even create a digital rooom with some festive elements. Invite customers or your team to surprise them with a special digital treat.

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Winter wonderland

Let your customers or partners enjoy this idyllic winter wonderland. It is perfect for smaller events, for example teambuilding or partner events.

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