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Help Santa Claus to save the holidays!

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Your special digital holiday event

Holidays are just around the corner. But before Santa Claus can climb into his sleigh and deliver all the presents, there are still a few things to do. Solve the exciting challenges in our Metaverse Escape Room and make sure that all the presents arrive on time. 

In our free Metaverse Christmas Eve Escape Room, outstanding tasks will wait for you. Whether it's playing the piano, deciphering mystical letters or chatting with Santa's wife - prove that you got what it takes to save the holidays. All you need is 15 minutes of your time. No download needed for the ultimate fun. Solve the puzzles now and take a selfie with Santa Claus as a reward! Click on the screenshot below to get to the escape room. 

Create exciting digital escape rooms

Looking for a unique team event in the metaverse? In cooperation with our partner ePlayces, the expert for online Escape Rooms, exciting challanges can now be solved in our Metaverse. Create with us company celebrations, onboarding events and holiday events and turn them into digital experiences.


Multiplayer up to 1000 people

Enjoy exciting corporate events together with Escape Rooms in the Metaverse. Celebrate together with all your colleagues - worldwide, from anywhere and at any time



Live communication in the Metaverse

Communicate with your colleagues to reach the goal and solve the challenges of the game. rooom offers you a variety of interaction and communication options for this purpose, which have already proven themselves at online conferences, digital workshops or hybrid concerts in the Metaverse.



Customizable to your company

We would be happy to design an individual escape space according to your ideas. There are almost no limits to the design possibilities in the Metaverse.


ePlayces and rooom - it's a match!

This cooperation perfectly combines exciting game experiences in Escape Rooms with the endless possibilities of the Metaverse. Together we will offer companies the possibility to conduct unique and individual online events starting in 2023. Stand out from the competition and create unforgettable internal company events. 

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