The experienceCloud platform

The experienceCloud platform

Create immersive digital experiences
in 2D, 3D, AR and VR.
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What's rooom?

rooom is an international company with several locations in Germany and the USA. With experienceCloud, we offer an all-in-one platform for the creation, management and marketing of impressive 2D, 3D, AR and VR experiences. We specialize in virtual and hybrid events, 3D product presentations and virtual showrooms for companies in any industry. Discover completely new possibilities for marketing and sales.
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Revolutionize marketing and sales with 3D visualization,
virtual showrooms and digital events!


Our experienceCloud solutions

The experienceCloud is a platform that takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery through the possibilities of 2D and 3D marketing technology. Location and time don't matter on the experienceCloud; a true cloud is web-based and available anytime, without restrictions. Take off with us and make all your marketing and visualization dreams come true!
With a 3D virtual space that can be visited online, you can arouse interest in your company and your products, thus supporting sales in the long term. You are able to provide insights into your premises at any time, present products in the virtual showroom or conduct digital property tours.
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The eventCloud is an easy-to-use event platform with which you can implement all your internal and external online and hybrid events - centrally on one platform. With a high level of interaction and networking opportunities, your event with rooom is guaranteed to be a success.
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With productCloud you can easily and quickly turn your products into 3D models and integrate them into your online shop or website. Each of your products can be seen in 3D around the clock - even on social media or in mailings.
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As a modern marketing tool, the Augmented Reality technology offers you extensive possibilities. Print products, advertising, tourism destinations and much more can be transformed into exciting customer magnets with immerseCloud.
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What makes rooom special?

  • All-in-one platform: one tool for all digital experiences
  • No special previous knowledge necessary
  • Always on: start and use at any time
  • User-friendly platform solution for visualizations and marketing
  • Easy creation of own 3D models
  • Web-based use, without installation on all devices
  • High level of interactivity for end customers
  • Countless possibilities of visualization in 3D, AR and VR
Hans Elstner rooom AG

Innovative 3D, AR and VR technology

3D Technology

Our productCloud provides you with a wide range of options for creating your own 3D models quickly and easily. With our high-resolution renderings and 3D viewers, you can also present your products online and within reach.

Augmented Reality

With the help of the immerseCloud augmented reality (AR) applications, your customers can project products and content into their real environment with just one click and explore them from all angles. This makes the information more tangible and interesting. All you need is a mobile device with internet access.

Virtual Reality

Create your own virtual brand and company world with the spaceCloud and take your customers on a unique journey in Virtual Reality (VR). Our solutions can be utilized trough all common VR systems.

Virtual Reality Photo: Stefanie Loos on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics

Event platform

Our virtual and hybrid event solution eventCloud combines 3D event venues with an easy-to-use 2D attendee and exhibitor management platform. Networking, streaming, interaction and tracking create new possibilities for events of all kinds.

rooom makes the difference -
For companies in all industries

More and more organizers of trade fairs, conferences, concerts and conventions rely on a digital or hybrid concept with eventCloud. The powerful online event platform enables comprehensive event management from registration and contacting to success analysis.
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Real estate
In the real estate industry, 3D visualization of buildings or apartments can give you a significant advantage over the competition. Let your customers marvel at three-dimensional objects and augmented reality at the future building or location. Virtual tours, from a distance, are also possible with our technology.
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3D models make it possible to present products more vividly than ever before. The creation of 3D models is possible via product photos. In order to present the products in the best possible way, a virtual showroom provides the appropriate framework. Of course, our 3D viewers can also be easily integrated into a website or an online shop.
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rooom offers you the possibility to visualize cultural events in 3D, easily and at low costs. We also develop our own apps that support augmented reality to match your content. This way, you can enrich and enhance your cultural offerings with interactive virtual content. Entire cities and regions can attract tourists and revitalize the cultural sector through digital cultural events.
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