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Pictures of different product variants are a thing of the past – now your customers can customize products to their liking.

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Do you have products in different variants? Maybe even individual products? With the 3D configurator from rooom, your customers can now create their own desired product easily and playfully. No more long forms, no more misunderstandings. The user of your site simply clicks on the desired color, imprint, or material and immediately sees what the final object will look like - in 3D from all sides and angles. This ensures satisfied customers, who will recommend you and order again from you.

What a 3D configurator can do for you

Simple variation management

A lot of effort due to a high number of product variants? With the help of the configurator, you only receive binding orders whose price has already been determined.

Facilitate purchase decisions

Let your customers create their own desired products with just a few clicks. Thanks to the 3D and AR view, the decision is much easier.

Automated offer generation

Automate the creation of offers for product variants with the help of the 3D configurator. This way you have time to take care of customer retention and customer acquisition.

For sales teams & online shops

The 3D Product Configurator enables your sales staff to have every product in every variant with them anytime, anywhere – the same applies to your online shop or also to your local store.

Present complex offers simply

Multiple colors, different materials, additional functions and extra details – product variants can quickly lead to confusion in their diversity. This applies both for your customers and for your sales team. The rooom product configurator makes it possible for you to present all variants attractively in an interactive view. Thanks to stored details and prices, customers can see at a glance what special features and costs each variant entails. Predefined configurations give your customers orientation. Thanks to a direct connection to your shop software, even complex configurations with a fixed price end up directly in the shopping cart.

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Your benefits

  • Integrate new variants quickly
  • Enable emotional purchase decisions
  • Always and everywhere available
  • Use annotations and additional information
  • Plugins for easy use in common store systems
  • Customer loyalty through a special buying experience

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