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3D Showroom Software for Sales & Marketing

Revolutionize your online marketing and present products and services like a pro. Create a virtual environment for immersive shopping experiences and next-level product presentations - accessible anytime, anywhere and with any device. rooomSpaces allows you to set up your own 3D showroom in record time.

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Features for 3D showrooms
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Your virtual showroom is the central contact point for potential customers from all over the world - always open and up-to-date. With just one click in the browser, visitors immerse themselves in your corporate world via smartphone, tablet or desktop. All products and information are available for immersive discovery. Start marketing your products and services in 3D - the virtual showroom software rooomSpaces puts everything at your fingertips.

3D Showroom Design

We provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to update your virtual showroom at any time via self-service. New products or campaigns are implemented in a flash.

  • No coding
  • No installation

360° Product Views

Use interactive 3D models to present and explain your products in the virtual showroom. Let visitors configure their favorite product and use animations to explain highlights and functionality.

  • 3D model creation from photos
  • Integrated Augmented Reality feature

Shopping & Payment Integration

You might like to create an immersive shopping experience where your customers can purchase items directly in your 3D showroom. With rooom, you can provide a seamless and convenient customer experience.

  • Integration to your online shop
  • Payment directly via PayPal, credit card etc.

Virtual Reality Showrooms

Elevate your virtual experience to the highest level of immersion with a VR showroom. rooomSpaces can switch to VR mode seamlessly and allows you to enjoy content with different devices.

  • Runs on common VR systems like Meta Quest
  • Headset optional, not necessary

Avatars & AI Assistance

Meet up with customers in your virtual showroom and talk them through your products and services with the avatar feature. AI assistants can provide constant support and consultation on a personal level in your 3D showroom.

  • Create personal avatars
  • Connect with your chatbot

How to set up your 3D showroom


Select a template from our 3D showroom catalog


Customize it in your Corporate Design


Upload your marketing content


Embed it on your own website and share the link


Use collaboration and interaction tools

Why you should use a 3D showroom

Brand experience & image

With a 3D showroom, you can present products or services more effectively, leading to higher sales revenue. Interactive elements and detailed presentations capture the interest of customers, enabling companies to position themselves as innovative and modern.

Cost efficiency

A virtual showroom helps you save costs. Companies can present their products and services to a broader audience without incurring high expenses for physical locations and logistics.

Increasing your reach

A metaverse showroom is available independent of location and time and enables the global and secure presentation of your company and products.

Explain & sell products easily

3D technology allows otherwise invisible elements to become visible and facilitates the straightforward explanation of technical processes or complex products, even in remote settings.

Secure hosting

Our online showrooms meet the highest security standards and are hosted on servers in your country of choice. We use state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure that data is protected within the 3D spaces.

Integrates anywhere

It is incredibly easy to integrate digital showrooms into an existing website or e-commerce store. No matter where you need your showroom: it fits seamlessly into any campaign.

Boost your customer experience with 3D showrooms

Interactive brand experiences lead to higher customer loyalty, increased conversions and more engagement with your content.

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Virtual showrooms
for enterprises across all industries

Whether fashion, automotive or warehouse logistics - every industry has its own special features. Discover practical examples by well-known companies from various industries and get inspired.

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Online showroom automotive

Online showrooms for automotive

Show your latest cars or motorcycles in 3D like BMW Group does with rooomSpaces. Online showrooms are ideal for customer loyalty, for presenting new trends and for marketing campaigns that rely on visual effects.

More on rooomSpaces

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3D showroom with AI assistant

E-Commerce | Furniture

In Porta's virtual furniture world, you can view furnishings both in a virtual environment and at home using augmented reality. AI-supported customer service helps with the selection of suitable pieces of furniture.

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B2B | Medical technology

In order to present new products, the medical technology provider BD has created a customized showroom in laboratory design to tell the story of their products in a digital way, independent of time and place, and to show the entire workflow of an experiment in a virtual environment.

Read the case study

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Create magnificent fashion shows in the Metaverse. Showcase your new collection in a showroom tat embodies your vision. Let your virtual models walk the runway 24/7 all around the world.

More on digital fashion

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Marine engine in B2B showroom

B2B | Marine engines

Virtual showrooms are becoming increasingly significant in the realms of marketing and sales. The metaverse has emerged as the perfect exhibition space for high-tech ship engines, featuring an industrial 3D environment. This exemplifies the effective application of 3D showrooms within the manufacturing industry.

Read the case study


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Retail | Bicycles

Puky created a virtual showroom with 3D digital twins of their products. A special feature is that the customers can project the 3D products into their real-life enviroment and see the products in their actual size. This is incredibly helpful for the customers to select the right fit.

Read the case study

With the virtual showroom, we can not only present our portfolio in an innovative way, but also tell the story of our product solutions.

Dr. Stefan Waltering

Product Manager Cell Analysis

3D showroom creation made easy

Creating your own digital showroom has never been so easy! You can use rooomSpaces intuitively without special technology or knowhow - in the browser with any digital device. With a rooomSpaces subscription, you get access to best practice templates. From art gallery to fashion boutique and industrial hall: explore a selection of different 3D spaces that you can use to create your own virtual showroom.

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FAQ: 3D Showrooms

What types of 3D showrooms are there?

A virtual showroom can be a simple digital exhibition stand, a walk-in online space with the elements of a real showroom, or even an individual metaverse space. Different template spaces are available at rooom.

What can digital showrooms be used for?

Virtual showrooms are suitable for location- and time-independent product presentations, for virtual learning environments, for online fashion events, for (art) exhibitions or as walk-in online stores. The possibilities for sales and marketing are also extensive.

What are the advantages of virtual showrooms?

Digital showrooms cost significantly less than real showrooms, are not bound to opening hours, offer unlimited exhibition space and design options, and can be easily embedded, shared and used for sales and marketing. Another advantage is that content and setup can be shared much faster with a CMS.

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