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Various projects have already benefited from the countless possibilities of rooom - Enterprise Metaverse Solutions. Whether e-commerce, cultural sector, real estate industry or economy - our 3D technologies offer an enrichment for every industry. VR, AR and 3D content support marketing, simplify customer acquisition and facilitate communication.


3D Product Viewer

PUKY Children's Bicycle

PUKY, the well-known German manufacturer of children's bicycles, was looking for a solution for the virtual presentation of new products. By using 3D views with AR function, customers can now get an accurate picture of the size, color and shape of a bicycle and there are fewer mispurchases.

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Porsche Design Chronograph

Porsche Design has been producing watches, sunglasses, suitcases and other accessories since 1972. A detailed 3D view of the exclusive pieces in the e-commerce store speeds up the sales process and reduces the number of returns.

Hoodie Rofa

Rofa manufactures certified protective workwear for various industries. The 3D View shows that clothing can also be excellently visualized in 3D and allows customers to get a better feel for the product.


The DeLorean DMC-12 is the only car model built by the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC). To this day, the car enjoys great fame due to its role in the film trilogy "Back to the Future". Thanks to our 3D view, film fans can now take a closer look at the time machine at any time.

Becton cell analyzer

Becton Dickinson, BD for short, is one of the largest international medical technology companies. They have visualized their medical technology devices, which are used in cancer cell identification, among other things, in 3D with us. Now they can be viewed in virtual showrooms from all sides and up close - also in augmented reality (AR).

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Whellchairs in 3D

Ottobock offers innovative products in the areas of prostheses, orthoses, wheelchairs and mobility for neurological diseases. The company uses our Product Viewer with exploded views, primarily to simplify spare parts orders.

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3D Space Viewer

Smart Learning Space

In our digital age, lifelong learning has become quite normal. With Smart Learning Environments, you can make training a highlight for your team or your customers and create sustainable learning and employee experiences.

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Becton Dickinson Showroom

Becton Dickinson, BD for short, is one of the largest international medical technology companies. To present its portfolio, BD now invites its customers to a virtual laboratory that is set up as a showroom with interactive 3D product models.

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Rofa Outdoor Showroom

With rooomSpaces you can realize not only virtual showrooms in the classic sense. Outdoor areas are also possible, as Rofa, a manufacturer of certified protective workwear, uses it.

Ottobock Virtual Mobility Workshop

With a virtual workshop, Ottobock brings its wheelchairs to digital experience. The products of the Human Mobility business unit can be explored all the way to their spare parts via a 3D platform.

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Porta Loft

You can't plan your life - but you can plan the place you live in. With our 3D spaces, it's easy to digitally place furniture and kitchens in your home. For a virtual showcase, Porta furniture is presented in a modern loft.

Hybrid Vernissage

The joint effort of CREAT3, rooom AG and artist Pedro Martin Rojo aimed to create a unique event that combines both technology and art. Thanks to the combination of virtual and real event, the artworks could be admired regardless of location and projected in AR into one's own home. The special feature: Each artwork is a unique collectible linked to an NFT on the blockchain.

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E.ON Republic of Innovators

The E.ON Republic of Innovators is an an award-winning community event space with a customized design that hosts virtual events throughout the year. Here, members of the E.ON Community can network with energy experts free of charge and exchange ideas about a sustainable energy world.

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Telekom Top Management Meeting

At Deutsche Telekom's Top Management Team Meeting, or TMTM for short, the company's key executives meet every year to agree on strategies for the coming year. Virtual event spaces in the look of the original location were available, networking carousels were used and even virtual yoga sessions for in-between took place.

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Smart Country Convention

Every year at the Smart Country Convention (SCCON), national and international companies, institutions, organizations, authorities and associations present their new ideas, concepts and solutions for the future of electronic administration and public services.

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Mobile World Congress

Deutsche Telekom's MWC was all about sharing innovations with the world in showcases, discussions and inspiring keynotes. Thought leaders, visionaries, business and technology experts were invited to showcase their ideas

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Virtual press event

On September 16, 2021, we unveiled the rooom platform's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions to the world in a special XR keynote! International analysts and journalists were there and visited our virtual press area in 3D and VR.

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24h Online Event with DHL

Together with DHL, we hosted the first virtual Logistics & Shupply Chain Summit with rooomEvents. This allowed the event to take place live over 24 hours from 3 continents. Over 16,000 people registered to see more than 50 exceptional keynote speakers. With features such as round tables, live emojis and speed networking, participants were able to engage in industry discussions and exciting conversations.


rooom Office Tour

At rooom, job seekers and new employees can get a great overview of our offices thanks to our 360-degree tour. Who sits where? Where is the kitchen? And where is the conference room? Virtually, the search is much more fun.

Botanical Garden Jena

With the project KulturZuhause (Culture at home), various 360-degree tours for museums and visitor destinations in Thuringia were created within a few days. The botanical garden is one of them. Excursion destinations could be experienced simply from the home PC or Smartphone digitally, especially during the pandemic. The digital excursions were intended to provide variety and arouse curiosity for the time after the lockdown.

Haus im Sack

The restaurant Haus im Sack in Jena convinces with its unique atmosphere in the guest room and in the hotel rooms. The interactive 360-degree tour including seat reservation convinces interested people in advance and invites them to visit. By integration at Google Maps, the tour also supports the search engine optimization of the side.


If a major renovation of a historic building is imminent, a 360-degree tour offers the optimal opportunity for inventory verification and logging of construction progress. This has been done in the Ernst-Haeckel-Haus in Jena, where digital property inspections are possible despite construction work and measurements can be taken virtually in the building.

Herzogin Anna Amalia Library

The Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 as part of the ensemble Classical Weimar. Particularly famous is the three-story rococo hall, which houses about 40,000 books on literary and cultural history. It was restored and reopened after a fire in 2004.

German Optical Museum

Prior to the core renovation of the museum, the exhibition from the 1990s was documented by an impressive 360-degree scan. In this way the former presentation of the collection can be virtually explored during and after the renovation. The museum will reopen in 2023 on twice the space and with an interactive exhibition.


Set up your Metaverse

rooom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions offers countless possibilities to create your own Metaverse worlds. You can create, manage and customize content in 3D, VR and AR as well as avatars and entire events. 

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2021 in Review

2021 was a year full of innovations, successful projects and numerous awards. We developed countless new features and solutions, took on challenges, gained new customers and partners, and outgrew ourselves. With 60 new employees, our team has also grown ornately.

3D Product Viewer

Our 3D Product Viewer makes it possible to present products vividly in 3D. It can be easily integrated into any online shop or website. Customers and visitors can then view products from all angles and even use an augmented reality (AR) projection that makes the product appear in the real environment.

Purpose Days 2021 - Virtual 3D World for Telefónica Germany

Together with Telefónica | O₂, we created a digital "World of Purpose" - In the individually created virtual world, the "what for" of the company was discussed during the Purpose Days from April 13 - 15, 2021. Our shared vision is a sustainable digital future to enable a better everyday life for all.

Virtual Showroom BD

BD Biosciences Virtual Lab customized platform in laboratory design enables BD Biosciences to create a corporate metaverse offering customer-centric content. Products can be presented in a digital format and entire workflows of experiments can be explained, independent of location and time in a virtual experience for product presentations and training.

natura jenensis

The city of Jena demonstrates how digital extensions can bring added value to tourism. The nature experience region “natura jenensis” invites visitors to experience nature and history up close. A mixed reality app allows them to admire 360° panoramas, 3D animations and exciting content in AR at various stations.