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Saving energy is at the top of the agenda these days. Trianel GmbH has developed an interactive 3D environment for energy suppliers. They encourage customers to save energy by using a gamified approach. Find out more in the article.

Every industry is currently looking for new and innovative solutions – the energy market is no exception. Even though inflation and the energy crisis are currently dominating the news, there are digital lighthouse projects that shine brightly: The municipal utility cooperation Trianel has developed an energy-saving metaverse together with twelve energy supply companies.

About Trianel

As a national cooperation for energy suppliers, Trianel brings together the interests of municipal utilities to strengthen their independence and competitiveness on the energy market. It provides its members with holistic solutions for optimizing business processes in:

  • generation
  • project development
  • trading and energy procurement
  • and sales

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A gamified approach to energy saving tips

The Trianel Digital Lab has been working on metaverse solutions, mixed reality projects and practical applications for energy suppliers since 2019.The main focus was on how to communicate the topic of saving energy to consumers in a transparent and tangible way. Given the high price level and impending shortages, there was a need for action. So the trend scouting at Trianel has developed an overall concept that the individual energy supply companies will be able to use for their regional energy-saving campaigns.

"The need for municipal utilities to offer their customers assistance in saving energy is there. Utilities fear, and not without reason, a loss of revenue due to payment difficulties on the part of customers who underestimate the level of cost increases or simply cannot cope with them," says Paul Jüngst, Head of trend scouting at Trianel.


The aim here is to educate the public about saving energy and to raise awareness.In this subject area, which requires a lot of explanation, the focus is on the gamified experience.With the help of a Scrum methodology, the needs of the energy suppliers and their customers were precisely determined in joint workshops and taken into account in the requirements of the agile project. The solution is therefore particularly customer-oriented and offers not only synergies for the regional energy supply companies, but also a high level of service for users.In a total of four different, digitally accessible model apartments, 3D elements are used to demonstrate how saving energy in everyday life situations can look like – far more appealing and interactive than a list of tips.Ranging from single apartments to detached houses, from old to new buildings, condos and rented properties, a suitable 3D visualization with respective energy-saving tips is included for every living situation.

”Virtual 3D environments – so-called metaverses – offer a variety of possible applications in the municipal utility sector.The 3D environment makes the topic tangible and is more entertaining than lengthy texts or lists of tips on how to save energy.We hope this will make it easier for our customers to access the topic”,explains Dr. Philipp Stephan, Head of the Trianel Digital Lab, in a press release.

Metaverse as a white label solution

The next step was to start by developing a blueprint with standardized 3D spaces and content, which can be branded and individualized by the respective energy supply companies.Once the elaborate concept had been created, it was necessary to find a suitable metaverse platform for its implementation. After analyzing various providers, Trianel opted for rooom and thereby for a powerful software with servers located in Germany. When compared with other providers, rooom was also able to score points with excellent graphics and good loading times.

The project then moved on to the implementation phase, in which various 3D space templates were created using rooomSpaces. The result was a comprehensive energy saving metaverse that can be explored independently.

The virtual apartment units are carefully furnished and thought out down to the smallest details – there are even several floors and basements to discover.By clicking on the energy saving icons, users get helpful information – from thermography to smart home and renovation tips. An embedded counter keeps track of the number of tips viewed – another feature that contributes to the interactivity and user motivation.

This is how the energy saving metaverse looks like:

loading iFrame

Regional energy suppliers can now use the blueprint for their own campaigns. With the help of rooom’s SpaceConfigurator they can add their own documents, branding, and websites quickly and easily.This way, customers can not only find information but also offers from the municipal utilities that allow them to put energy saving measures directly into practice. The 3D spaces can be integrated on homepages or apps of the municipal utilities, for example.A walkthrough video can be used to draw attention to the campaign and spark curiosity.The first users include energy suppliers from all over Germany, from Heidelberg to Nordhorn.

Unleash the power …

To sum up: Trianel has succeeded in getting consumers enthusiastic about the rather unpleasant topic of energy conservation.Considering the rising energy prices, it is important to break new ground with innovative formats and think outside the box.Thanks to the web-based application rooomSpaces, the public has access to the energy saving metaverse, not only tech enthusiasts.This has the positive side effect that more and more users are discovering the metaverse for themselves.On top of that, we are excited to see in this use case how metaverse solutions and 3D visualization can contribute to a more sustainable future. Energy suppliers in Germany and Europe now have a tool that not only encourages them to save money, but also offers first-class customer service - thanks to an affordable white label solution. But the metaverse offers many more applications and potential for the energy sector: From 3D simulations in mixed reality to a virtual service center with avatars and consultation, rooom makes it possible – hosted in Germany, of course.

In a joint webinar with Trianel on November 23, 2022, we will present further use cases for energy suppliers in addition to the energy saving metaverse.Digital customer experiences will play a significant role in the future. It is a smart move to start looking into it!

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