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Culture thrives on experience. rooom makes it possible to take the experience of cultural offerings to a whole new level. With us, you can expand existing exhibitions and tourism offers simply, inexpensively and individually with 3D content - both in VR and in AR. In this way, we help you to make cultural offers more interesting again for younger target groups, to make rare objects more accessible and to preserve temporary exhibitions for posterity. For this purpose we offer a broad portfolio of technical possibilities.

Winner of the Thuringian Tourism Award 2019 | SaurierPfad Jena

Whole cities or regions can give new impetus to their tourism with rooom. The best example of this is the SaurierPfad in Jena. This pulls in the meantime several hundred visitors per week on a three-dimensional discovery journey by the earth history. In addition a normal footpath was equipped with an audio guide and stations in VR and AR. For this extremely successful project we have won the Thuringian Tourism Award 2019 in the category "Special Award for Digital Solutions in Tourism". Watch the video to find out more.

3D solutions for tourism and culture

Augmented Reality

  • 3D & AR visualization of exhibits, animals and art objects
  • Present not exhibited exhibits from the fundus or from other museums
  • Preserving cultural heritage for posterity
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360° Tour

  • Entire museums or exhibitions can be experienced online in 3D and VR - independent of time and place.
  • Visualize current exhibitions
  • Visualize special and changing exhibitions
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Virtual Exhibitions

  • Exhibit artworks online at a reasonable price
  • Digital artist's studio
  • Digital 3D representation of museums, tourist information and other facilities
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Virtual Reality

  • Experience exhibition spaces with VR glasses
  • Create VR spaces for your art for visitors to explore
  • VR version easily accessible via web browser, no special software required
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Virtual Art Exhibition

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