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Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with 3D visualization from rooom. The future is 3D!

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Why 3D Software?

In times of digitalization, potential customers can drift freely in the vast sea of different websites and online shops. The challenge for providers is to attract the attention of the respective target group. No matter if manufacturer or retailer: 3D representations are exactly the flares you need for your marketing.

Through 3D visualization your customers can playfully view products from all sides and develop a much better feeling for the product. But three-dimensional product representations are just the beginning: The 3D platform of rooom is the starting point for many other applications. AR and VR features in particular ensure effective marketing of products on the Internet.

Using 3D Visualizations effectively

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) your buyers can bring three-dimensional objects into their own four walls before buying. This simplifies the purchase decision, makes you more interesting as a supplier and significantly reduces the number of returns. Digital showrooms in 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) are also a popular means of online business presentation. In addition, our 3D technology also allows, for example, virtual events to take place and interactive 360° tours of real buildings to be created. The possibilities are endless!

Besides more attention and more satisfied customers, 3D visualization offers you other advantages. Perhaps you offer the same product in different color variants or in minimally different designs. Then the costs for good product photos can quickly go through the roof. A 3D model or a rendering-product image from 3D data, on the other hand, can be easily adjusted after creation and published in different versions. This saves you significant costs and tons of time. You also don't have to worry about the Google ranking of your website: Our 3D program only requires small amounts of data, which ensures excellent performance of your site.

Advantages of 3D representation

Marketing boost

Use as a marketing and sales tool ensures higher turnover.


Save costs

3D models and Renderings are significantly cheaper than product photographs.


Customer loyalty

3D and AR views reduce the rate of returns and increase customer satisfaction.



Innovative 3D technology outshines the competition.


Customers stay longer on websites with 3D representations, which Google evaluates positively.



Fast loading time and optimal performance due to low data volume.

How to create 3D models

The 3D modeling is what makes rooom special. With our platform you can easily create your own 3D models - with or without existing 3D data. For this purpose, six different options are available to you. For many of these variants, your camera or smartphone is already sufficient as equipment.


  • Simply use our extensive portfolio of customizable 3D models.
  • Scan the object with your smartphone and our 3D scan software to create models more easily than ever before within minutes and upload them to our system.
  • Easily create 3D models from photos. To do this, make a series of images from different heights, with which you cover every single angle of view of your object. Finally, upload your images to the platform.
  • Make a video in 4k that shows your object from every angle and upload it to rooom. Keep in mind that photos generally give better results than video.
  • Use a single photo or a link to a product in your online shop.
  • Upload existing 3D data, such as CAD from construction or floor plans from an architect.


If you use our 3D scanner app, photos, videos or CAD data, you can upload them quickly and easily to our platform and have a preview generated. You will then receive a non-binding quote from us for the creation of a high-quality 3D model.

How does rooom work?

FAQ: 3D Visualization

What is 3D data?

3D data is primarily used in the planning of prototypes and for construction. Software-independent formats such as .glb, .gltf, .obj. and .fbx are particularly suitable for creating 3D models for sales and marketing on the rooom platform.

How to create a 3D model?

A 3D model can be modeled individually or generated from product photos or a product video. A 3D scan via app or in a professional scan studio is also possible. Every angle of an object should be captured without strong light reflections and shadows. With the help of a program like the rooom platform, a 3D model can be generated in many ways.

What is the added value of 3D visualizations?

3D visualizations make it possible to view any object interactively 24/7 with all its details. Online stores can show their products in 3D and thus achieve more sales and lower return rates. In tourism, special content can be made available barrier-free. And in the education sector, animated 3D models can help to convey content more vividly.

3D technology is the right solution for you

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