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Whether new work or global partnership - rooom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions offers a variety of tools to successfully collaborate digitally. Discuss processes while demonstrating them on 3D objects. Guide partners through a workflow. Develop your product idea together. Visualize your vision.

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No additional software needed. Users just need a web-enabled device and they can get started.


Work successfully together in digital spaces with the right collaboration tools.


You just need a few clicks to get the collaboration features working.

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rooom is all about visualizing ideas. Every idea needs room to unfold. So that you and your partners, your team or your customers can evolve your projects, rooom provides a comprehensive toolset to make working digitally engaging and productive. Every virtual space can be equipped with all out collaboration features. The setup of your virtual space takes place in a CMS. It is very convenient. No special knowledge needed. The video on the right shows you how easy it is.

Discover features

CEO Hans Elstner explains the software.

Features for digital collaborations

Flexible environments

Whether breakout, workshop, active break or feedback meeting - the virtual spaces are designed to create different settings for different topics. For example, you can use our campfire scenery for an evaluation meeting. Create a relaxed atmosphere by activating the crackling of the fire. For the main event, set up an area with a large stage. For attendee networking, set up a lounge area. Create the ideal atmosphere for your purpose.

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"Smart Learning Island" has a relaxing atmosphere for creative workshops.

A mini-map keeps you on top of things.

User guidance

Visitors must be able to move intuitively - this is our credo. In order to offer the user the best possible orientation, we work with various elements. There is an overview map of the space. There are clickable jump markers. Users can navigate with the keyboard. Clickable elements are highlighted. Different areas can be provided with signs and much more. 

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Screen sharing

Your real-life work-screen in a virtual space. Project what you are doing on the screen into the metaverse and share it with your audience. In the virtual spaces are spots for placing video content. But you can also show your screen and walk your audience through a presentation, demonstrate how e.g. a software works, and share your insights.

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Show your presentations on virtual screens.

Develop brainstorming and mood boards with 3D post-its.

Interactive brainstorming

Reflection and evaluation meetings move every team forward - record your thoughts and suggestions together on Miro boards, whiteboards or with Post-Its. You can easily integrate them in your virtual space with just a few clicks. While working in the space with your team everybody might open and use the shared boards.

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Enliven your virtual world with avatars. In rooomSpaces there are several avatar systems that allow your visitors to create avatars. Either upload a photo or create your alter ego manually. The avatars can perform various gestures and movements. Also lip sync for voice chat is possible.

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Upload a photo and configure your avatar with a few clicks.

Communicate with other avatars in real-time via voice chat.

Voice chat

Walking through an event and spontaneously starting a conversation is not only an option at real events. With rooom's unique voice chat function, this is also possible in the metaverse - including facial expressions and gestures.

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Use gamification elements consciously and work with the spirit of discovery of your visitors. For example, you can embed 3D models in your space that users can scan via QR code and project into their real-life environment. With such elements you can liven up your event or your space and remain in the memory of your visitors and customers.

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Augmented Reality delivers the "WOW" effect.


Use cases

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Virtual event | MWC22 Telekom

Telekom has already realized various digital events with rooom. With rooomEvents you have created a virtual world in their Corporate design, in which networking and personalization play a major role and keynote speakers can be properly staged.

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Experience platform | BD

BD Biosciences (BDB), a business unit of Becton Dickinson's Life Sciences segment, designed a virtual laboratory with rooomSpaces. The idea was to create a multi-purpose experience platform where demonstrations can take place as well as events, trainigs sessions, and product launches. They inserted a lot of interactive features like avatars, gamification.

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Event space | E.ON Republic of Innovators

 The German energy company E.ON used rooom tools to connect its community. Together we created a custom space where virtual events take place througout the year. This space is a long-term and sustainable world which also should encourage international exchange between participants.

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Team building event | Telefónica O₂

O₂ created a 3D digital world - a "World of Purpose" - for the company to meet up and discuss the purpose of the company together. They have inserted virtual presentations, talks, Q&A session, 360° video and much more.

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Smart learning | BNW

The educational company BNW has created a 3D learning scenario for warehouse logistics with rooom. Visitors find themselves in a warehouse setting and have to solve various tasks. Gamification is clearly used here - smart learning par excellence.

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Employee recruitment booth | Kern-Liebers

To attract apprentices Kern-Lieber have set up a virtual booth with rooomSpaces. The company shows that they work with the latest marketing trends, package their content in a modern way and communicate with their target group at eye level.

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