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Impress distributors and customers with interactive product experiences.

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Enlarge your reach with virtual product launches

Introduce your new products to the world! Host live-demos with Q&As and provide on-demand videos afterwards.

  • Invite guests in an impressive 3D environment
  • Use Templates for an easy setup
  • Showcase your products in live-demo, showroom or booth
  • Collect first contacts and orders during your event
  • Video on demand for long-term usage

Innovative 3D
product showcases

Showcase your products in an live event an invite your guests to explore everything in 3D and Augmented Reality themselves.


Analytics and reporting

What aspects of your product presentation was your audience interested in? What 3D models and information were viewed? Which contacts were collected for follow-up?


Professional streaming

Host an exciting live presentation that will blow your audience away. Speak live or use a pre-recorded video. Keep attendees engaged with live polling and integrated Q&A chats. 

Trusted by international big players

Why launch your product virtual?

Having a good product is only step number one. It’s just as important to get the word out about the benefits of your ingenious product. The unlimited reach of a virtual event offers the ideal opportunity for a glamorous product launch with charisma. The virtual event can take place anywhere and can be viewed from anywhere. This means interessted partys and media representatives have the chance to participate spontaneously without having to travel long distances - easy on the environment, easy on the budget

How to host a virtual product launch?

Step 1 |

Generate a rooom account

Book a rooomEvents package. Which one? Talk to one aof our specialists.

Step 2 |

Get your 3D models

Upload your 3d data or create your new 3d models of your products directly on rooom.

Step 3 |

Host your event

Use our  rooomEvents Support for planning your event und start impressiong your customers.

How to monetize online events

Digital event platforms are initiating a new era of events. We have put our best strategies together on how to make money with virtual and hybrid events. Learn more about the success factors in our free whitepaper.


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Your product as interactive experience

Have you ever given every single participant of your product launch the chance to take a closer look at your product from all angles? In the virtual world, this dream is only one click away. Present your products via link or QR-code to the rooom 3D product viewer. Even an Augmented Reality (AR) projection into one’s own office is possible. Youn want more? Embed your product in your own virtual 3D showroom or exhibition booth!

Webased product viewer

Share a link to your 3d product viewer with your audience and let them take theire own look at your product. If you like work with annotations, animations or even exploded views. And your e-commerce store? with roooms integrations you can also use the viewer in your shop.

Augmented reality projections

Visitors to your product viewer are just one click away from an immersive augmented reality projection of your new product. They can zoom in, walk around, and develop a sense of proportion.

3D product configurator

Integrate a rooom 3D configurator in your showroom, online store or simply on your website. This way, your prospective customers can view all product variants from all sides at their leisure.

Product showroom or booth

Create individual showrooms or information stands based on our templates. Interested parties simply access web-based via link and look around intuitively.


First class support & service


We have
your back

Our team will assist you throughout the entire conception process. Our experienced project managers are always available to answer any questions you may have. We handle all the important details, leaving you with peace of mind.


Personal onboarding

Our comprehensive service package includes expert onboarding for exhibitors and visitors. This may include helpful video tutorials or other resources. We also provide dedicated support throughout the event via our convenient chat system.

Analytics & evaluations

Gain valuable insights into the success of your online event with our user tracking module. This powerful tool provides real-time statistics and detailed evaluations. By booking this module, you can stay on top of your event's performance and make informed decisions to optimize your results.

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