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Feature Overview

rooomEvents brings your line-up to the digital stage! Discover a new experience of professional streaming and webcasts full of interaction. There is no audience limit!


on Demand


Stage Chat



Reuse of


Media Library

Interactive live streaming

Take streaming to the next level. Host exciting live talks, present the latest products or offer a digital workshop. There are no limits to what our virtual stages and conference rooms can do – including live polling and Q&A during the sessions. Live chat discussions and emojis allow direct interaction and enable super low bounce rates.

Video on demand

A major advantage of virtual events is that the content is available anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the rooomEvents media library, every session can be enjoyed even after the event!

Agenda & speakers

Become a virtual stage manager. rooomEvents multi-stage agenda and speaker overview provide your visitors with all important information. You can easily set up multiple stages, schedule the program items and assign speakers to sessions.

Self-streaming &
integrated solutions

Use your favorite web conferencing tool. Thanks to our integrated streaming solution, live streaming with rooomEvents is easier than ever before. You can easily embed your external stream with a seamless YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom or MS Teams integration.

Unleash your potential:
features for Virtual Events


  • Individual avatars
  • Polls and Q&As
  • Gamification & Image wall
  • Virtual photo box
  • Live emojis
  • ...

Engagement details

Collaboration & Meetings

  • Avatars with expressions & gestures
  • Voice-Chat
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Sticky Notes
  • ...

Collaboration details

Analytics & Insights

  • Real-time tracking
  • Engagement Insights
  • Lead scoring
  • Data export
  • Integrations
  • ...

Analytics details


  • Booth in virtual exhibitions
  • Microsites & ad banners
  • Sponsored live streams
  • Featured products & jobs
  • ...

Sponsoring details


  • Interactive breakout sessions
  • Matchmaking & virtual business cards
  • Textchat & Videochat
  • Round tables 
  • ...

Networking details

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