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Feature Overview

Data analytics, insights and lead scoring are essential for evaluating the success of your online event. With rooomEvents, all traffic, interactions and the average time spent on each page is tracked. This way you will know which content performed best - of course 100% data protection compliant

Advanced Engagement Insights

Analytics for Partners








Metrics & data evaluation

Measure your success. rooomEvents provides you with all the data you need to make your virtual events a little better each time. Collect the data using our user-friendly dashboard, discover insights and improve. You will love the results, because numbers never lie!

Lead generation

Turn visitors into leads. With rooomEvents you receive qualified leads in the form of virtual business cards. This way, you get approved contact data of potential customers in real time. Export the data to your CRM software to maintain contacts after the event.

Insights for sponsors & partners

Visibility to actionable data. Customized reports. Let your partners know that your event was worth the money and time they invested. With rooomEvents, they can access insights and receive insights directly via the platform. Tracking and reporting has never been so easy!

Dynamic insights

Improve your performance. Did you already check out who visited your profile? How many people liked your virtual booth? With rooomEvents you can also see how your content is performing and react if necessary.

Certification management

Integrated certification solutions. Participants can receive a certificate with their attendance at your event? rooomEvents verifies a user’s active participation (for example during a live session) and automatically issues a downloadable document.

Advanced engagement insights

  • Like & click numbers
  • Top pages
  • Statistics on user profiles
  • Engagement rates
  • Attendees on live stream
  • Video on demand traffic
  • Interactions with 3D objects
  • Number of chats & video calls
  • Document downloads
  • Countries of origin
  • Devices & operating system
  • Visitor logs
  • Entry & exit pages

Unleash your potential:
features for Virtual Events


  • Individual avatars
  • Polls and Q&As
  • Gamification & Image wall
  • Virtual photo box
  • Live emojis
  • ...

Engagement details

Collaboration & Meetings

  • Avatars with expressions & gestures
  • Voice-Chat
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Sticky Notes
  • ...

Collaboration details

Broadcasting & Streaming

  • Compelling live streams
  • Video-on-demand
  • XR-stages
  • Q&As and live emojis
  • ...

Webcasting details


  • Booth in virtual exhibitions
  • Microsites & Ad banners
  • Spnsored live streams
  • Featured products & jobs
  • ...

Sponsoring details


  • Interactive breakout sessions
  • Matchmaking & virtual business cards
  • Textchat & Videochat
  • Round tables 
  • ...

Networking details

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