3D Avatar in virtual football stadium

Immersive Technologies in Sports Marketing

The digital revolution is also palpable in the world of sports. Dive into insights, examples, and the top tricks of the trade.

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Metaverse-Banking: New Horizons for the Financial Sector

Metaverse-Banking: New Horizons for the Financial Sector

Could the Metaverse be the next big thing for banks, financial service providers, and insurers? We take a look at potential opportunities and use…

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Interactive AR Book with smartphone showing a globe

Exploring Interactive AR Books: Their Benefits and Market Impact

Augmented Reality (AR) transforms books into interactive multimedia libraries between two book covers. Learn about the benefits.

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Human in metaverse space with UX control elements

User Guidance in the Metaverse

The Metaverse opens up a new dimension for UX and UI design. We share tips and tricks to enhance the customer experience.

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Virtual AI-powered Assistant Demo in rooom

AI Assistance in the Metaverse

AI assistants offer great potential to make the Metaverse more efficient and user-centered. Discover advantages and practical applications.

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Spatial Computing: user interfaces distributed in physical space

Spatial Computing: The Future of Interactive and Immersive Technologies

Spatial Computing and Spatial Commerce are the tech buzzwords of the moment. Read the article and find out what’s behind these terms.

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Smart Learning with avatars in Vodafone’s 3D Space

Smart Learning: Vodafone takes team trainings to a new level

Reinventing further education – with rooom, the telco group has set up an internal coaching & collaboration platform.

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Digital training with avatars at the BSH Virtual Campus

Employee development in the Metaverse: On the job training in BSH’s virtual campus

Read here how Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer is using an interactive platform to make lifelong learning accessible to its employees.

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groceries in Augmented Reality

Retail marketing goes immersive

The world of retail is changing. What does the future hold for retail marketing and what does the Metaverse have to do with it?

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View of an industrial hall as digital showroom

Metaverse Marketing in the Industry: 3D Showrooms for High-Tech Products

Virtual showrooms are gaining more and more importance in marketing and sales. Find out how product presentation in the Metaverse could look like.

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Symbol image with waterfall for Metaverse CMS

Creating Virtual Spaces Just Got Easier

How to succeed in the Metaverse with the new features of rooomSpaces and our 10 tips for Metaverse showrooms.

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Smart learning content in Mixed reality

Digital reskilling – How can it look like?

The digitalization of the world of work demands entirely new knowledge and skills. We show how companies can shape training digitally.

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