rooom Team Photo 2022

That was the rooom year 2022

In 2022 we experienced, developed and achieved an incredible amount of things. Despite several global challenges, we were able to celebrate a number…

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Partner Talk: How virtual & hybrid events succeed

Partner Talk: How virtual & hybrid events succeed

ON THE ROCK gives an insight into the metaverse’s potential for events. Find out how to turn your event into an experience in this article.

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CREATE3 x rooom Partnership NFT

Partner Talk: Deep Dive into the World of NFTs

You want to know what is going on with NFT solutions in the metaverse? Read the guest article by our technology partner CREAT3 and become an NFT…

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team from rooom - the enterprise metaverse patform

That was the rooom year 2021

2021 was a year full of new innovations, exciting and successful projects and great awards. We were able to celebrate our success and our unique team…

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Usage of Vuzix AR glasses in the industry

rooom goes Digital Learning: Training with AR Glasses

Augmented Reality extends the physical environment with digital content. In addition to smartphones and tablets, this is also possible with smart…

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Virtual Learning Concepts with Augmented Reality

We are going into Research: 3D Technology for Virtual Learning

More and more companies are struggling with an increasing shortage of skilled workers. We do not want to watch this development! Our 3D, AR and VR…

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The faces behind rooom

In Conversation with the Management: An Interview about Fulfillment and Motivation at Work

What personalities are actually behind the rooom brand? What do they appreciate in their everyday work and what do they spend their private hours…

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New Work Office

New Work concept in the office of rooom AG

Even before many rooomies started to work form home, the concept of "New Work" found its way into our offices. New room concepts, bold colours and a…

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