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Even before many rooomies started to work form home, the concept of "New Work" found its way into our offices. New room concepts, bold colours and a great deal of attention to detail were used. This made the move to the home desk particularly difficult.Fortunately, the office is now available for viewing at any time - virtual, of course ?  

After rooom AG had moved into a new office, it soon became clear that our inclination towards innovation should also be reflected in our offices. Since the New Work concept is currently on everyone's lips, we quickly decided on a solution that would be smart and creative. For the planning we used the ingenious possibilities of rooom and were able to get started quickly with the implementation. While many employees have already moved to work from home, everything was completed in the last weeks.  

What does New Work mean?

New Work" is the new trend in the working world of modern companies. New Work workplaces offer plenty of space for creative and concentrated work through meeting rooms, cosy retreats and play corners for in-between times. 

Welcome in the New Work - Lounge 

After the extensive renovations, all employees as well as our guests are welcomed in a lounge, which shines entirely in the company colours. Many comfortable seats and especially the bar counter invite you to stay and make events possible that will loosen up the company's everyday life. If there is time between meetings and tasks, you can enjoy a coffee or the obligatory mate in a relaxed atmosphere. Coordination and short meetings between colleagues can lead to the best ideas and new impulses. 

VR Court for customers and employees 

The heart of the New Work Office is the Virtual Reality Court. We now offer visits to the VR world not only to our customers. We also want our employees to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another world and occasionally leave their everyday life behind them. To further strengthen the team, space for team events and meetups is created here. 

Healthy working - thanks to new office equipment 

The desire to escape from everyday life should of course not be too great. We have ensured this with new office equipment. So that your back doesn't pinch even on long days because you don't get enough exercise, there are now height-adjustable desks. After we have already visualized Ergothopia's Desktopia as a 3D model in our office, it is now available at every workstation. But those who prefer to sit should not be at a disadvantage, because the matching ergonomic chairs are also available for everyone. Since the move to working from home, some of us have had a lot of separation pain, because only very few people in the home office are equipped with this equipment. 

rooomreisen with the mobile VR Lounge 

We are now also well equipped for travel. Our Mobile VR Lounge enables us to travel to different places and go on roadshows despite the cancelled trade fairs. It can be optimally combined with precautions and safety distances and we always have our virtual world in our luggage. We will definitely not be overlooked in our rooom Mobil, because our graphic designers have done everything to make the VR Mobil an eye-catcher. Keep your eyes open where you discover us!

Pictures say more than 1000 words

We can tell a lot of stories? That's right, we've also prepared something for the eye. We present our new image film, in which we accompanied all employees during the reconstruction. Which of our new rooms do we affectionately call saunas ;) 

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