Invite visitors to get to know your company and your products online in interactive 3D spaces!

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Your virtual space in 3D

Present yourself, your company or your products in interactive online showrooms that make visitors want to see more. Let your customers explore a 3D space, a hall or an entire world of experience in which everything revolves around you and your portfolio via mobile or desktop device - simple and versatile.

Uses for 3D online spaces


Sell real estate

Are you planning or selling apartments & houses? Let your customers and interested parties discover interactive floor plans or properties in virtual 3D tours wherever & whenever they want. Save an enormous amount of time and plan appointments more flexibly!

Market your products & services

Are you building a brand, launching a new product range or running a museum worth seeing? Let people know about it and invite them into a virtual showroom to discover your offering online in an interactive and engaging way.

Set up a smart learning environment

Do you want to continuously train your team and keep them up to date? With an individual Smart Learning Lounge with videos, chats, AR and VR elements you can awaken joy in lifelong learning and enable sustainable learning results in your team.

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Online showrooms

Market your products globally

Take your product presentation to the next level with a virtual showroom. Enjoy finally having enough space to display all - literally all - of your products. Present top products in 3D directly in your digital room and provide additional virtual catalogues, brochures and flyers. With just one click, visitors can experience all products in 3D or even in augmented reality - at any time, everywhere and for as long as they want. The realistic product visualization gives a realistic feel for the color, texture and size of your products and helps make informed buying decisions. Your sales department will be thrilled!

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What you can do:

  • Customize individually
  • Adapt to your corporate design
  • Edit flexibly at any time
  • Experience in 3D without special technology
  • Make accessible via link
  • Optionally protect by password
  • Simply embed into your own website
  • Share via newsletter or social media

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Create your digital brand world

You want to be known as a forward-looking brand? With a 3D experience your customers can discover your brand playfully. Invite them to your virtual headquarters, take them on a tour of your production halls or conduct house tours in virtual reality. Create completely individual spaces or use best-practice templates. The possibilities of our 3D Space Viewer are endless. All your visitors need is a mobile or desktop device. Should your space only be accessible to a certain group of users? Then protect your content with the optional password.

More about 3D Showrooms

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Your own virtual showroom - fast & easy

Our Space Editor is just the thing for you if you like to be hands-on and have a head full of creative ideas. It allows you to design a digital showroom completely by yourself and individually. Simply use a space template and choose from a huge portfolio of 3D objects and design options. Insert 3D models, embed flyers, videos or posters and use custom avatars. When you are satisfied with your work, you can integrate your showroom into your website and welcome the first visitors.

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Online real estate presentation

Room planning with the 3D floor planner

You want to plan an apartment or an office space and only have a floor plan? With our 3D room planner that's enough! Look forward to a virtual 3D floor plan of your property, which you can design and furnish individually and intuitively like in a video game. Play with wall colors, carpets, furniture and decoration - without risk and without complex calculations. All you need is a floor plan, 3D data or simply the dimensions of your space.

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Technologies for immersive experiences

Even more intense experiences with Virtual Reality

As a web-based platform, we enable unique VR experiences in the browser. With our free VR application for Oculus, you can also use rooms locally on your system and enjoy the full computing power of your device. This way, you can show your property or your showroom at any time in a quality that makes even the best computer game pale in comparison, even without internet access.

More about VR experiences

Immersive 360° video player

A 360° video allows you to take a camera tour with 360° all-round view through your virtual space. With our 360° video player you can offer your audience such ingenious recordings as a guided video tour directly via the browser - without any additional application, without any special technology, everywhere and at any time. The result is an impressive trailer of your digital world of experience!

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