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Augmented Reality (AR) enables you and your users to view a digital image in the real environment with the help of a mobile device. To do this, the camera of the tablet or smartphone captures the current environment and seamlessly integrates the digital content, for example a piece of furniture, into the image. The possibilities that this technology has to offer as a marketing tool are great. Let your customers explore products and information in 3D right before their eyes with just one click on their mobile device - at home, in the office or anywhere else. Products, exhibits, information and much more can be experienced on a completely new level. This is how you whet your customers' appetite for more, stay in their memory with your offers and secure a place for yourself in small talk.

Augmented Reality for marketing

The use of Augmented Reality offers many industries great potential for new marketing strategies. Real estate agents can showcase properties in 3D on exposés, product manufacturers can take their entire portfolio digitally to their exhibition stand, cultural institutions can expand exhibitions and attractions and publishers can bring already published books to life. In this way, content can be discovered in a playful way, which increases customer loyalty and interest. At the same time, by using AR technology, you can present yourself as a modern company and address a new target group.

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Sustainable learning with
Augmented Reality

AR content is characterized by its incredible vividness. This offers enormous potential not only in marketing, but also in the education sector. Digital smart learning environments, for example, can bridge the gap between analog and digital learning through mixed reality content. Learning materials, webinars, online chats and 3D content can be fluidly linked here. This enables vivid knowledge transfer that guarantees long-term learning success - perfect for onboarding as well as training and continuing education. It is also possible to use AR glasses, which make it possible to view virtual systems and products as if you were really standing in front of them. Animations and text overlays can also be added. This way, trainees, career changers and employees can be supported with tangible hints and information during training and also in everyday work. Discover  rooomImmersions as a practical solution for lifelong learning!

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The possibilities of
rooomImmersions at a glance

Solutions for digitalization in tourism

Are you looking for something special to enhance a walking route, an exhibition or a tourist attraction? With rooomGuide you can use the extensive possibilities of immersive technologies to enhance your tourist attraction. Bring extinct species to life, revive past times, or host an interactive adventure quiz. In this way, you can create entirely new experiences from existing destinations. Design the digital guide according to your ideas and without programming knowledge - rooomImmersions makes it possible!

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Enter the Metaverse

The rooomPortal offers a unique touchpoint to the Metaverse - an immersive experience that connects the real with the virtual world. The AR portal can be placed in stationary retail, public places, museums, etc., where it allows entering virtual worlds via AR on smartphone or tablet. Introduce your customers to the Metaverse in a gamified way, and offer an engaging experience.

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Augmented Reality for print media

Bring print products into the third dimension! With rooomBooks you can easily integrate interactive 3D content into books, brochures, newspapers, business cards and much more. With the help of Augmented Reality you bring the content to life and increase the interest in your print products.

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Do-it-yourself Augmented Reality

In order to equip print media with AR content, so-called markers have to be defined. They serve as triggers for an Augmented Reality projection. For example, single pictures or entire book pages are suitable as AR markers. If the viewer or reader then holds the camera of the smartphone or tablet on it, the Mixed Reality projection is triggered. Our AR estimation tool helps you to test the suitability of an image as an AR marker very easily without any knowledge of the technology.


Discover limitless advertising space with Mixed Reality ads

Do you have print products, an exhibition booth or information boards in your building? With mixed reality ads you can place interactive AR advertising that will be remembered. Provide flyers, business cards, textiles, signs, posters, advertising material and much more with digital content completely by yourself. The solution is also ideal for the placement of sponsors and partners.

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