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The rooomPortal is a completely new tool for connecting the real and virtual world. The gadget offers great advantages in retail and at events.

While the experts are still thinking out loud in blogs and lectures about how companies can leverage Web 3D and Augmented Reality in the future, there are already ingenious solutions and tools in practice. One of them is the rooomPortal, a marker-based augmented reality portal. This ingenious invention turns the entry into the metaverse for customers into an exciting moment with a touch of science fiction. Best thing about it, all it takes is a smartphone or tablet.

Augmented Reality on the rise

In online stores, on websites, at events and also in the real estate industry, immersive content ans technologies are becoming more and more popular. Customers can view products in 3D and Augmented Reality, real estate tours can be held virtually, and some industry plants are already being planned online in 3D. What is still expandable is the connection of virtual content with the real world - the mix of realities.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (short: AR) enhances the real world by overlaying digital content onto it. Surfing the web, finding information and online shopping become interactive experiences. But also offline, AR can be used in marketing or learning, e.g. with the rooomPortal.

The purpose of an AR portal

In terms of Augmented Reality, the classic QR code is still the best option the market has to offer in many areas. It is captured as a marker for a specific content via mobile device and enables AR content to be inserted into the image of the real environment on the smartphone display. So it looks like an object is right in front of you. 

With the rooomPortal, we offer a new solution. While users still have to capture a marker on a sign at the bottom of the portal via tablet or smartphone, they then don't just access a flat website. Instead, a view of a showroom, a learning area or an event location opens up on the other side of the portal. Like in the sci-fi series Stargate, you can now "walk into" them and look back into the real environment as well.

Watch rooomPortal in action:

Areas of application for the rooomPortal

The basic idea behind the AR portal was to offer flagship retail stores a special way to take customers into corporate worlds. Physical showrooms should be expandable with gates to the metaverse. It quickly became apparent that the portal is also an excellent conversation opener and eye-catcher for trade show booths. The portal attracts attention, offers a unique experience and is memorable, especially when it is made available for photo shoots.

Other application areas could be tourist informations, museums or even waiting areas. Here visitors can look at other places, sights, past times and so much more and pass possible waiting time in a relaxed way.

Are you curious? Visit us at the next event and experience rooomPortal live. We'll keep you up to date on upcoming events on our social media channels. See you soon.

You would like to use the rooomPortal for your AR marketing?

Simply make a request and we will send you a tailored quote.

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