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Create your own 3D content without expertise and special technology.

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The time of the two-dimensional internet is over. You want to stand out with your products and solutions? Then start into the third dimension with rooomScan, our inhouse 3D scan software! Present your products vividly in 3D, create virtual tours through your office or real estate and give your customers something that will inspire them. Sizes, colors, and textures become tangible and your products or services will become immersive experiences. Simple product images or videos are nowhere near providing the vividness users want today.

Your possibilities with 3D scan software


3D room scanner

A 3D room scan will capture a facility to create a digital building twin. The result is an interactive virtual tour that can be used to inspire and impress customers, applicants or guests. With our solution, you can add more information, 3D content, additional furniture and extras to the 360° tour.

Free 3D scan app

Create 3D models on the fly with your smartphone and the rooomScan app

3D models from images

Photogrammetry allows you to upload photos and convert them into a 3D object

Professional 3D scan studio

Fully automated scanning line for efficient digitization of products and other objects


Volumetric capturing

Capture people in motion to create animated avatars

3D Room Scans & 360° Tours

Create digital building twins

Professional 360° cameras make it possible to scan entire buildings and turn them into interactive 3D tours. Book a scan and let us digitize your premises!

Use cases for 3D room scans

  • Location independent real estate presentations in 3D
  • Virtual museum tours
  • Online presentation of restaurants and hotels
  • Archiving temporary exhibitions
  • Digital sightseeing


Our solution: rooom360



3D room scan of the rooom office in Leipzig - explore the interactive tour.

Create a new experience

Especially in the age of digital transformation, an interactive product experience is essential in order to win over new customers and especially Generation Z. With rooom AG's solutions, our customers create a new user experience and thus a technological edge over their market competitors.

Torben Kabbe

Regional Director

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Then get in touch with us! We will advise you on the best 3D scanning solution for your project.

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3D Product Scan

Showcase your products in 3D & AR

Creating 3D models has never been so easy! Our powerful 3D scan software ensures highly precise results in the shortest possible time and allows you to generate or commission your own 3D content without any expertise. This way you can convert your website, your online shop and your entire marketing to interactive 3D content in no time at all. Simply scan products yourself, generate 3D models from product photos or book our professional scnanning studio. Our 3D Product Viewer helps you implementing your 3D model into your website and even delivers it in Augmented Reality.

A 3D product scan turns real objects into 3D viewers via app, photo upload or professional scan studio.

The 3D scan software is...

  • Usable without special knowledge or equipment
  • Fully customizable
  • Accessible everywhere and anytime
  • Fast and easy to use


The matching hardware for 3D scans

We have developed a range of solutions and 3D scanners to improve the digitization of products and objects. They enable high-resolution capturing from all angles. We then transfer the image data to the rooom platform and convert it into a high-quality 3D viewer.

Check out the 3D scan service

3D Scan Couch - virtuell
3D Scan Couch - virtuell
3D Scan Couch - real

The real and virtual version of a 3D-scanned sofa.

3D Body Scan & Volumetric Capturing

Create personal avatars

To stand out as an artist or speaker in the Metaverse, you need to be unique. Your personality and your content are one thing, but the setting and presentation also make a difference. There's a technology that takes virtual performances to the next level: Volumetric Capturing. Get your performance ready for the Metaverse and visit our motion capturing studio!

Volumetric video of 3D avatars at a virtual fashion show.

Who needs a 3D body scan?

  • Speakers
  • Artists & musicians
  • Fashion labels
  • Teachers & instructors
  • Athletes & sport clubs
  • Influencers & celebrities
  • Creative & video agencies
  • ... and many more!

More about 3D body scan

Download the 3D scanner app

The rooomScan app is available free of charge in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android!

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