3D Body Scan Avatar of Hans Elstner playing Guitar

3D Body Scan & Volumetric Video

Create Metaverse-ready avatars with volumetric capture technology by rooom.

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Volumetric video recording for the Metaverse

You want to deliver a unique performance at virtual or hybrid events, conferences, keynotes, and concerts? Let yourself be captured in our high-end volumetric studio and create a real-life digital human in 3D and Mixed Reality. Use your avatar the way you need: place it in Metaverse spaces, on virtual stages or impress with an Augmented Reality (AR) performance.

Reach a bigger audience

Get your avatar beamed into your audience's homes and expand your target group

Become a first mover

Be a pioneer to take a step into the metaverse and impress with innovative formats

Set a special highlight

Web3D is all about avatars - But is yours special and exciting enough to stand out from the crowd?

How does a 3D body scan work?

A 3D full body scan is a bit like a dress rehearsal in front of 21 cameras. You perform in a greenscreen studio surrounded by cameras so every movement and every little detail can be captured. After your performance, an animated 3D avatar will be created from this session. The avatar can then be viewed in AR. It can be embedded in a virtual space. It can be shared.

A 3D body scan is the way to generate long-lasting content which empowers you to create amazing virtual experiences for your followers. Make your fans and followers feel special because watching a fully immersive 3D performance feels like they are really there.

To stand out as an artist or speaker in the metaverse, you need to be unique. The quality of our 3D videos is photo-realistic and well beyond any other avatars.

HANS ELSTNER | Speaker & Musician | CEO at rooom

Bring your performance to the Metaverse

This is how a volumetric video looks like in action

The future is volumetric

The Metaverse has arrived, and it will transform the way we consume content. Virtual and hybrid experiences will have a great impact on work, social life, culture, events, and education. An avatar will express your identity in the Metaverse – it’s up to you to create an impressive and unique appearance. Unleash your creativity and let yourself be captured!

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Awarded technology

Who needs a 3D full body scan?


Say goodbye to boring video conferences - a 3D avatar makes your lecture, keynote or pitch a true highlight. 


Capture your performance in 3D and offer your fans a unique experience in the Metaverse.



Host digital fashion shows in the Metaverse and showcase your new collection with 3D digital models performing on the catwalk.


Help your audience achieve sustainable learning success through an immersive presentation of your content.


Players can show off their signature moves in a virtual stadium or showroom.


Let your fans take selfies with the digital twin of their star.



Volumetric video provides unique and immersive content that will delight your customers.


With a 3D body scan, you get a powerful marketing tool for the Metaverse - and so much more use cases!

Ready to deliver an outstanding performance?

Sign up for a volumetric video capture shoot to get your personal 3D digital twin!

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How to create a 3D digital human

Step 1 |


Book a scan in our volumetric studio and let yourself be captured in motion by our full body 3D scanner.

Step 2 |


Our ground-breaking software converts the capture into an animated high-quality 3D model.

Step 3 |


Integrate the 3D digital human into a Metaverse space, set the scene on stage or use Mixed Reality to deliver your performance.


EUR 500.-



  • 30 min. capture shoot

  • 15 sec. 3D clip


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Our volumetric video studio is located in Jena, Central Germany – worth a visit and easy to travel.

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