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Project your objects from the monitor into the real environment with just one click: Discover the possibilities of our AR Software!

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What is Augmented Reality Software?

Augmented reality (AR, also extended reality or mixed reality) allows real and virtual worlds to merge. In this process, virtual content on the smartphone or tablet seamlessly connects with the real environment. Reality is thus enhanced by digital elements. Objects from your online shop can be projected into the real environment with a single click and appear to be standing in front of you in their original size.

Augmented Reality in the Metaverse

Augmented Reality tourism app


Let users experience places interactively, bring history to life and show locations before booking.

Augmented reality teacher avatar

Smart Learning

Show devices from all sides, illustrate processes up close or create learning environments with Augmented Reality Software.

Augmented Reality Shopping bike


Give the opportunity to experience products and their exact size, structure and color up close in the real environment.

Augmented Reality shoe


Display and add value to products, additional content and information in brochures, at trade show booths or on merch.

Augmented Reality requirements - What hardware do you need?

It doesn't take much at all to be able to view 3D content in augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality applications, which cannot be experienced without VR glasses, AR glasses are just nice-to-have for experiencing augmented reality content. All that is needed to view such content is a device with a camera, display and powerful processors. Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets with modern operating systems are usually sufficient as hardware equipment. And software-wise? Downloading special software is usually not necessary for displaying mixed reality content. Most mobile devices already have the necessary requirements. The rooom platform, for example, generates freely accessible links that can be used to easily display AR content with and without markers in the browser - and on almost any standard device.

What is an AR Viewer?

An Augmented Reality Viewer is nothing more than an app that allows AR content to be displayed. However, as already mentioned, such an app is not necessarily needed to merge the real environment with digital 3D content. Manufacturers who want to make a 3D model available for viewing in AR need a 3D product viewer instead.

Infos 3D Product Viewer

How to create new
customer experiences

AR visualizations can create new online shopping experiences. Find out in our free whitepaper how 3D content can drive conversions for e-commerce companies.

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Mixed Reality with and without marker

Bike in Augmented Reality

Markerless AR

The Augmented Reality apps by rooom allow you to place objects directly from online shops or websites into your real environment – with just one click. This way, the virtual object seems to be right in front of you in its original size - without the prior installation of an app and without special technology. This is also referred to as markerless AR.

Kleiner Prinz Augmented Reality

Marker-based AR

Analogue content, such as books or newspapers, can also be brought to life virtually with the help of our marker-based AR software. A trigger, the so-called marker, for example a picture from a catalog, a poster or a business card, is scanned with the camera of the smartphone or tablet. With the help of a corresponding AR app, the respective image or object is transformed into a lifelike 3D model. Videos, animations or image galleries can also be called up in this way.

Examples for AR Applications

Exciting AR content can be used to spark the interest of potential customers. This is how immersive technology can be used to reach new target groups..

Publishing: Children's book with AR content

Books can be given an additional dimension through AR content. In addition to static objects, processes and movements can also be visualized in augmented reality. Scenes in children’s books can be visualized and textbook content can be made clearer and more accessible. Want to learn how this works? This way:


Real estate sector: Development city center

What will a planned property look like in actual size at the actual construction site? How will it look in relation to the surrounding buildings and facilities? In the construction and real estate sector, AR technology offers the possibility of impressive visualizations that leave no room for speculation. This makes planning decisions much easier to make and communicate.

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Art: Hybrid vernissage

Virtual art exhibitions can be visited by anyone, regardless of location and time.  In 3D or VR, the exhibition can be explored just like its real counterpart. But AR also makes it possible to hang artworks directly on the real wall or place them on the mantelpiece.

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Tourism: natura jenensis

In tourism, AR offers the opportunity to present content in an entertaining and interactive way. In this way, classic hiking trails and nature trails can be enhanced and appeal to a whole new target group.

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How to create AR Content

To create your own AR content, you need one thing above all: a 3D object. With the help of rooomScan, anyone can easily become a 3D designer themselves. Various options are available for this purpose: a scan app, uploading product photos, or even using various hardware solutions.

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FAQ: Augmented Reality Software

How much does Augmented Reality Software cost?

With rooomBooks, the use of Augmented Reality software is possible from 15 €. For this price you add content such as a 3D model, photo or video to any print product via CMS, which can then be viewed in Augmented Reality using a mobile device.

How to create Augmented Reality?

Using the rooom platform, any subscriber can use a video or image to create an AR projection in just a few steps. In addition, any rooom product viewer also has the option to display the 3D model in AR.

How can Augmented Reality be explained simply?

Augmented Reality makes it possible to overlay the real image in front of the camera of a mobile device with a virtual content. On the smartphone screen it then looks as if, for example, a lion is standing in the middle of the living room.

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