Augmented Reality for the Eichplatz Area in Jena

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Real estate visualization with 3D & AR technology: With rooom citizens of Jena can experience the future buildings on the Eichplatz already before the beginning of construction.

The area in downtown Jena, which has been used as a parking lot and for hosting events, is to be constructed on: From 2023, a new city garden, residential buildings, office complexes, stores, restaurants, bars and cafés will be built - surrounded by a green park. As experts for 3D visualization, we have transformed the planned buildings into impressive 3D models. With an Augmented Reality projection of the 3D real estate, the Eichplatz area of the future will now come directly to interested citizens on their smartphones or tablets.

Controversial Discussion

The opinions of the people of Jena regarding the complex construction project are divided: after the development was rejected by a citizens' decision in 2014, the city council resumed the development in 2015, taking the interests of the citizens into account. Since then, a detailed concept for the construction, use and implementation has been developed in dialog with the citizens. Through the buildings, Eichplatz is now to become an attractive and vibrant area in Jena's city center, which will fit in perfectly with the cityscape.

This is how the Area should look like

The Eichplatz area will be divided into two sections to implement the construction project: The construction areas A and B. The architectural design for construction area A has already been developed and selected. Three high-rise buildings are to be built there below the JenTower. This will result in an exciting ensemble of buildings from which the JenTower will emerge as the dominant feature. Construction site B is currently still in the development phase.

The use of the new buildings is to be deliberately diverse: In addition to urgently needed living space, areas for offices, gastronomy and retail will be created. An underground car park will provide the city center with sufficient parking space. A special highlight is the new city garden with a relaxing green area and many play facilities for children. The exact planning of the city garden is currently in the preliminary draft stage and should be presented at the end of this year. The general public is also to be involved in the design planning.

AR Visualization creates Transparency

If you want to have a realistic look at the planned buildings on construction site A, you can do so with our AR solution. Our sales representatives, project managers, designers, 3D specialists and developers have done a great job in the last few weeks transforming the architectural design into a 3D model with a matching AR app. Around the current parking lot, the city of Jena has put up signs that serve as markers for an Augmented Reality projection. To enjoy the virtual buildings, the curious citizens of Jena only have to download the "Eichplatz App". If the sign is then captured by the camera of the cell phone or tablet, the ensemble of buildings appears on the screen in real size and at its actually planned location. This means that the new high-rise buildings can already be viewed in their real surroundings - as we are known for - easy, in the highest quality and from all sides.

Get your own impression:

The AR visualization is intended to do one thing above all: create acceptance and trust among the people in Jena. Already during the planning of the project different citizens and their interests were involved. Since a part of the population is still skeptical about the development, the AR model should now contribute to making the project transparent. In this way, the public can see the potential for the Jena cityscape already three years before construction begins.

Our conclusion: We are proud to support the development of the new Eichplatz area! As a Jena-based company, we are already looking forward to the redesign and are very excited to see the new face of the Eichplatz in the future to enliven our beloved home town.

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