New Work Space in 3D by BMW

New Work - Training & Recruiting in the Metaverse

Read here how a Bavarian car manufacturer not only reduces costs with the help of virtual spaces, but also attracts young talents.

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3D Avatar in virtual football stadium

Immersive Technologies in Sports Marketing

The digital revolution is also palpable in the world of sports. Dive into insights, examples, and the top tricks of the trade.

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Smart Learning with avatars in Vodafone’s 3D Space

Smart Learning: Vodafone takes team trainings to a new level

Reinventing further education – with rooom, the telco group has set up an internal coaching & collaboration platform.

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Digital training with avatars at the BSH Virtual Campus

Employee development in the Metaverse: On the job training in BSH’s virtual campus

Read here how Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer is using an interactive platform to make lifelong learning accessible to its employees.

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View of an industrial hall as digital showroom

Metaverse Marketing in the Industry: 3D Showrooms for High-Tech Products

Virtual showrooms are gaining more and more importance in marketing and sales. Find out how product presentation in the Metaverse could look like.

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Virtual Festival Space Fairground with Avatars

Fairground Festival: Pioneers in the Metaverse

A new dimension in event marketing – read the case study for exclusive insights from the organizers on the hybrid party concept.

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 Metaverse Hub rooom with avatars

Top Metaverse Use Cases

How can Metaverse technology be used to achieve business goals more efficiently? We present practical examples.

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Trianel x rooom

Metaverse solutions as a response to the energy crisis

Saving energy is at the top of the agenda these days. Trianel GmbH has developed an interactive 3D environment for energy suppliers. They encourage…

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User Story Homematic IP: Smart 3D product visualization

eQ-3, the manufacturer of Homematic IP, was looking for innovative, attractive ways to present its smart home products online. They teamed up with…

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Deutsche Telekom

From trade fair booth to metaverse: Deutsche Telekom at the Mobile World Congress

At the Mobile World Congress 2022, Deutsche Telekom was supported by rooom in its hybrid event appearance. Increasing the number of participants and…

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3D Kunstaustellung CREAT3 rooom

AR(T) & NFT: Art Meets Technology

As part of a hybrid vernissage, we hosted an extraordinary event combining art and technology. Read the story to discover more about the innovative…

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Augmented Reality Tourismus natura jenensis

Create New Tourism Experiences With Augmented Reality

The nature experience region "natura jenensis" invites visitors to experience nature and history up close. A mixed reality app allows them to admire…

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