Smart Learning: Vodafone takes team trainings to a new level

Smart Learning with avatars in Vodafone’s 3D Space
Clarissa Leithiger, rooom AG
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Reinventing further education – with rooom, the telco group has set up an internal coaching & collaboration platform.

At the OMR Festival 2023, Vodafone’s Customer Operations team presented a red-hot showcase. They developed various 3D training environments using rooomSpaces and presented them at the top digital marketing event in Hamburg. Attendees got a glimpse of the virtual training concept and had the opportunity to experience our Virtual Reality application in action. In this article, we provide insights into the design and development of this innovative platform for collaboration.

  • The problem: Increasing demands for virtual training in the workplace require innovative solutions that foster learning motivation.
  • The goal: To develop a new format for internal workshops, training, and coaching programs.
  • The implementation: Various Smart Learning spaces that invite active participation and can be accessed both in the browser and in Virtual Reality.
  • The solution: An expanded training spectrum that ensures enhanced motivation and efficient knowledge transfer among employees.


Coaching & Collaboration Platform – What’s it all about?

Vodafone, the telecommunications provider, embodies values such as innovation and sustainability. In addition to their conventional mobile, TV, and internet plans, they also offer applications in cutting-edge fields like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and smart mobility concepts. And even their internal projects demonstrate a remarkably high level of innovation. The Service, Innovation & Technology department faced the challenge of developing a technologically advanced method for employee training and workshops. How is it possible to implement training and coaching programs across different locations and teams? The aim was to create a three-dimensional and engaging user experience. rooom provided the solution with a GDPR compliant Metaverse application that is exceptionally well-suited for delivering Smart Learning concepts.

An essential requirement was to provide participants with an easy, GDPR compliant access to the platform. rooom scored points because rooomSpaces uses servers in Germany. Additionally, rooom has the capability to host a large number of users within the same session. Working closely together, a coaching and collaboration platform was developed, which Vodafone employees utilize for various learning journeys. Different spaces within the virtual world demonstrate the versatility of the platform.

  • Upon entering a bright conference space exuding loft vibes, learners are greeted and provided with introductory materials and tutorials on the learning topic.
  • Moving forward, they enter a spacious hall featuring a stage and even a bar. Here, they encounter deeper learning content, 3D products, and have the chance to meet the mascot, Tobi. A lounge area encourages participants to engage in discussions with fellow learners.
  • The third learning space presents an outdoor setting immersed in greenery. It offers additional video-based learning content and includes movable objects that can be utilized, for example, to visualize strategies.

What does your Smart Learning strategy look like?

When it comes to online learning, we have to find a different approach compared to in-person settings. Individual learning needs, gamification, and active participation are a priority. Our team of Smart Learning experts is ready to provide guidance in a non-binding strategy session, so you can kick-start your journey into the “Metaverse for Learning.”

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Features for Communication & Interaction

Navigation points and portals make it a breeze for newcomers to find their way around the virtual world, and they even allow for guided tours. The core of the learning concept revolves around interaction. Unlike the one-way lecture style of traditional video trainings with PowerPoint, our platform enables engaging and interactive formats. Users can create their own personalized avatars, complete with voice chat capabilities, allowing you to have conversations with other participants. Additionally, there’s a virtual wall with sticky notes. These digital notes are a fantastic way to create mood boards or gather feedback. Seamless transitions are ensured by integrating tools such as surveys, instructional videos, and Miro boards (virtual whiteboards for collaborative work). Video sharing enables simultaneous content viewing. And another exciting highlight is the virtual character named Tobi. He offers an interactive demonstration of the learning topic coding. By modifying the code, users can change his outfit with a simple click.

Since flexibility in meeting training requirements was a key focus during the platform’s development, it’s now possible to offer a wide range of learning formats tailored to different target audiences. Whether it’s team building, traditional in-person trainings, or collaborative workshops, rooom’s Content Management System allows for easy customization and content updates.

"rooom's applications are excellent for virtual trainings and have helped us to implement an innovative learning concept with the latest technology", says Felix Schumann, a member of Vodafone’s Customer Operations Team and an experienced coach and moderator.

Cross-device Learning Experiences

Whether accessed through a computer in the web version or with the support of a Virtual Reality headset, the platform is designed for different channels and devices. Learners can choose their desired level of immersion based on the device they use.

With a VR headset, they can fully immerse themselves, while “casual” participation on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet is just as possible – perfect for train rides. All that’s needed is an internet connection. With rooom, the VR application is on par with the web-based version. And, of course, these different technologies can also be combined. The fusion of Virtual Reality and web experiences was particularly exciting for Vodafone.

The presentation of the VR Spaces at the OMR Festival was a smashing success. Marketing experts from all over flocked to the Vodafone booth to test the interactive experiences and engage in discussions about Smart Learning concepts. The team of innovators, coaching experts, and technology pioneers successfully reimagined training and developed an exciting new application. And thanks to this project, the rooom platform has also reached a new level, making this a cooperation living up to the motto “Together we can!”

About Vodafone

Vodafone is not only Europe’s largest provider of fixed-line network and mobile services, they also offer one of the most advanced 5G networks. The telecommunications company’s mission is to intelligently connect people and technology, shaping our digital future.

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Clarissa Leithiger, rooom AG
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