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Learn how Awake Fest Talent has boosted recruitment by bringing together future employers & employees in the virtual world.

Imagine a world where the scouting for talent and career opportunities takes place not in crowded exhibition halls, but in a dynamic, digital universe. Welcome to Awake Fest Talent, an event that not only raised the bar for virtual job fairs in 2023, but also offered a glimpse into the future of the employment world.

Together with MIND and our rooomEvents solution, we brought the Awakelab by Adalid job fair into the virtual world - where the employees of the future are.

Get exclusive insights into the challenges, solutions and results of this event. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world where the future of talent acquisition is already a reality? Then read on and discover how Awake Fest Talent has rewritten the rules of recruiting.

Digital innovation: more than just a job fair

During a time when digital technologies are reshaping working life, the Chilean event agency MIND took on the challenge of creating an extraordinary virtual event for its client Adalid.

Solution used: rooomEvents & rooomSpaces

The rooomEvents platform in combination with rooomSpaces offered a dynamic and user-friendly environment that went far beyond the boundaries of conventional online job fairs. Here, companies could not only present job vacancies, but also bring their corporate culture and values to life in interactive virtual spaces.

Innovative solutions for new challenges

The solution to this challenge from Adalid was found in the rooom solutions rooomEvents and rooomSpaces. They offered:

  • Interactive booths: Here, companies presented themselves in unique virtual spaces and encouraged interaction and networking.
  • Live streams in 3D: These drew participants into an immersive experience that captured their attention.
  • Personalized Virtual Spaces: These rooms hosted intensive discussions in small groups, ideal for deeper insights into career opportunities.
  • Voice chat function: A vibrant communication layer that enriched the exchange on the platform.

A stage for students

A particular highlight of Awake Fest Talent 2023 was the opportunity for the 1,200 students to present their academic and research projects.

This unique opportunity made the fair something special: It was not only about showcasing open positions by the more than 20 participating IT companies, but also about students being able to showcase their talents. In this interactive environment, students were able to present their skills and innovations to a wide audience and potential employers.

Valeria Molales, Head of Job Placement at Adalid, shares her enthusiasm by highlighting that

Awake Fest Talent in the Metaverse is not only a technological advancement, but also a unique opportunity to connect graduates with the most important companies in the IT sector and create new jobs in an innovative way.

Your recruiting strategy

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Optimization and user-friendliness

The familiarization phase for the first-time use of a virtual platform was skilfully bridged. With clear tutorial videos and interactive manuals, the needs of the users were addressed and they were able to find their way around the virtual world quickly and effortlessly. This proactive approach by the team not only improved the user experience, but also strengthened trust in the rooom platform. This made virtual recruiting intuitive and even more user-friendly.


Awake Fest Talent 2023 proved to be a great success. It connected over 20 top companies with numerous talents and created a platform for exchange, learning and professional development. This event impressively demonstrated how virtual technology can be used to redesign and, above all, improve the recruitment process in an increasingly digitalized world.

“The process of creating experiences in the metaverse is very challenging. One of the biggest is dimensioning the potential we have by expanding physical barriers and ideating in the digital world, which has no limits. We were very happy with the AwakeFest Talent event, since we fulfilled the objective of our client AwakeLab By Adalid: Bring together IT Bootcamp graduates with companies that will present them with job opportunities. I am sure that these types of instances, with the advancement of technology, will generate more and more impact, allowing users to be even more immersed in the digital dimension and go beyond what physical barriers allow." Sebastián Salas, Business Designer

Future prospects – a milestone

The success and positive response to Awake Fest Talent have paved the way for further uses of the platform and similar concepts in the future.

The future of digital recruiting and virtual job fairs looks promising, The Awake Fest Talentbot is an innovative, interactive and engaging platform that has revolutionized the way companies and talent interact. We are at the beginning of an exciting development phase and can look forward to seeing what progress and innovations the coming years will bring in this area.

About MIND

MIND serves as a business partner for businesses, specializing in boosting digital product sales through increased exposure and optimization. Furthermore, MIND focuses on enhancing the customer experience by leveraging digital innovation and user-centric design. Their approach includes tailoring strategies to improve user interaction and satisfaction, using growth methodologies to enrich service quality, and employing data analytics for informed decision-making. Serving clients across various countries in LATAM, MIND fosters an environment where experimentation and innovation thrive, ensuring businesses not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations.

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