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Metaverse recruiting growing in popularity. Find out why you should invite job candidates to your virtual office.

The Metaverse is only interesting for gamers and tech nerds? Wrong! Business topics such as community building, marketing, sales and recruiting can also find an ideal home in the metaverse. For several years now, traditional recruiting via job boards, posters and personal networking has shifted bit by bit into the digital world. In the meantime, several digital meetings often take place before two people sit down face to face in real life. This saves companies time while allowing them to reach a greater amount of talent - even globally if desired. However, the more impersonal the process the more difficult for both sides to see if applicant and job are a true fit. Metaverse Recruiting offers many possibilities to bring more personality and efficiency into talent acquisition.

Employer branding in the Metaverse

While analysts and experts are still discussing whether and when the new Internet will become established, companies like Samsung and Hyundai have already started to create their own corporate Metaverses. There is plenty of room for brand building, product presentations and events with the team, partners and customers.

How to create an employer branding Metaverse?

It doesn't take much to create a Metaverse world for your company. With the help of a platform provider like rooom, you can get started with Metaverse recruiting in just a few steps. Simply select a Space template and customize it to your company via CMS. Then add videos, info material and maybe even 3D content and you can share your Metaverse world and adapt it at any time. The costs only amount to a monthly subscription price.

Companies are also already working on Metaverse strategies for employer branding. Smaller and medium-sized companies, on the other hand, are hesitant to tackle the topic. Yet all the classic topics and measures such as job fairs, career fairs, job interviews and onboarding can easily find a new digital home in the Metaverse. A first step on the way there is a dedicated Metaverse Space for the topic of employer branding. Here, applicants and interested parties can take a look around and get a first impression of the potential employer. Interactive environments are a great way to bring corporate culture to life. Is the world an office, a planet or a clearing in the forest? What do the avatars look like? What information material can be found? Are there games and interactive elements? What colors are used? All these details flow into each other and form an expressive corporate image that will be remembered.

But it doesn't have to stop at just looking around. An initial sense of community among existing employees and potential applicants can also be fostered in the Metaverse. This can be done through virtual teambuilding activities, chats and other forms of social interaction. In this way, prospective employees really get to know the employer and the team. Job applications that are submitted afterwards are a perfect fit for the company and can be processed more quickly. This is the employer branding of the future.

How can recruiting in the Metaverse look like?

The virtual office

With a virtual office, meaning a dedicated place in the Metaverse, companies can build a place to introduce their corporate culture, product portfolio, partners and news. What is the difference between this and a website? Quite simply, the virtual office as a 3D space or 360-degree tour looks and feels more like a real office than a collection of sub-sites.

Visitors can choose an avatar, intuitively move and look around and interact with content and other guests - the use of AR and VR is also possible. This can create an immersive experience that brings the company culture to life. Prospective job candidates can thus decide very quickly whether the company culture and team are a good fit for them.

For those who feel immediately addressed, all open job vacancies can of course be prominently displayed. And first questions? A chatbot or AI avatar could answer them. This way, only well-informed job applications will end up in the HR department, and the time and effort required to pre-select applicants is drastically reduced.

Job fairs in the Metaverse

At classic career fairs, all participants travel to the fair, physically look around, exchange information, collect business cards and flyers, and return home. One of the most important advantages of virtual career fairs is the time saving aspect. Participants don't have to travel and can get information from anywhere. In addition, companies can achieve a wider reach because they can reach potential applicants from all over the world. After all, the virtual booth can now be set up not only at career fairs in one's own city or county, but nationwide or even internationally - without travel, without a long booth setup. Once a virtual trade fair stand has been set up, it can easily be reused in any job Metaverse. This opens up entirely new possibilities for talent acquisition, particularly for companies that explicitly allow remote work.

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Virtual career fairs offer an interactive experience that can easily compete with a real trade fair. Booths can be explored via avatar, conversations can be held via text or voice chat, and job offers can be browsed. Virtual business cards can also be exchanged. And all of this without huge crowds, queues or background noise. This creates a human, informative and entertaining experience with real added value for everyone involved.

The application process in Metaverse environments

The classic application folder is gradually becoming obsolete. To a large extent, application processes have already moved from the real world to the digital world. Even companies that request applications by mail are considered backward today. Submitting documents via online forms is becoming more and more common. These can have a very simple structure or even include initial questions.


Questionnaires or small online tests can also be used in the second or third application step.  The disadvantage here is that the process is less personal than face-to-face, video or audio communication. To match competence and experience this may be ok, but to find a cultural fit this is not enough. In the worst case, it can cause companies to miss out on great candidates.

Interactive Metaverse processes can provide an interim solution here. Online assessments can be retained, but made more effective and fun through immersion and gamification. When it comes to inviting candidates to a virtual job interview, there is also room for creativity: the Metaverse offers companies unique opportunities to conduct virtual job interviews, such as VR simulations, game-based assessments, and even virtual tours of the company's facilities. These methods can help companies get a better understanding of an canididate's skills and how they fit with the company culture.

Opportunities for interactive job interviews & talks

  • Show presentations in 3D Space
  • Use whiteboard and sticky notes together
  • Interact with individualized avatars
  • Communicate via voice chat or text chat
  • Guided tours through the virtual office
  • Small games to lighten the mood

Onboarding and training in the Metaverse

Once an applicant has made it into the team, the potential uses of Metaverse solutions are far from exhausted. The new technology also has a lot to offer in the area of onboarding and training. Virtual training in digital learning spaces can introduce employees to the company's ground rules, tools and customs. Participation can be location- and time-independent, allowing learning at the employee's own pace. Key information can be made available centrally in the learning room in various formats. Classic PDFs, videos, charts or Augmented Reality animations are possible. Even the correct operation of complex machines can be vividly conveyed at the learner's own pace. The possibilities are endless.


The Metaverse offers countless possibilities to support companies with their recruiting. A lovingly designed Metaverse helps with employer branding and guarantees the attention of suitable applicants. With a high level of interactivity, good communication is possible and the advantages of personal and digital processes can  flow together profitably. To remain competitive in the job market, companies must keep up with the times and find their own Metaverse strategy. An easy way to start with is a digital office in the corporate design, where interested parties can find all the information they need to get a good picture of the company and its culture.

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