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Your Key to Metaverse HR: Employer Branding

The Metaverse offers you countless opportunities to rethink the entire field of human resources (HR). Offer interactivity, exciting exchange and a touch of gamification and completely reinvent your employer branding. 

  • Create your own Metaverse worlds and 3D content
  • Use a comprehensive, flexible CMS
  • Offer your team interaction and information web-based & intuitively
  • Simplify meetings & team events between employees & partners


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  • Employer branding Metaverse
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Virtual job interviews
  • 360° office tour


  • Interactive Learning Spaces
  • Individual Learning in own tempo
  • Video-on-demand in Metaverse
  • Mixed Reality Learning


  • Individual education & training
  • Explorative learning in metaverse worlds
  • Visual frameworks for multimedia learning content


  • Virtual Teamevents
  • Collaboration Sessions
  • Teambuilding Events
  • Intraverse for all informationen

Integrate your proven tools

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Metaverse Recruiting for modern talent acquisition

Employer branding Metaverse

Interactive Metaverse Worlds offer a unique opportunity to breathe life into your company culture and attract talents. Create a virtual space in which visitors can immediately feel what your company is all about and make a conscious decision to apply. For example, use one of our space templates and customize it via CMS.

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360 tour - your virtual office

You like it more realistic? Then let us scan your real office and turn it into an interactive 360-degree tour. This way, guests can take a close look at your office without having to travel there. With the help of virtual staging, you can mark relevant locations and provide additional information.

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Virtual career fairs for talent attraction

Virtual career fairs in Metaverse eliminate the need for travel and booth construction. Simply create your booth virtually, reuse it over and over again, and customize it at any time. For hybrid career fairs, significantly expand your target audience with an additional booth in the metaverse. Matchmaking and exchange are possible virtually without crowds and without the sound of an exhibition hall. For the real trade fair appearance, our AR portal is also an ingenious visitor magnet.

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Onboarding and Re- & Upskilling in
3D, AR, VR

In our innovative Metaverse learning landscapes, we enable self-directed and explorative forms of learning. For this purpose, a visual framework in the form of walk-in 3D worlds is provided, which is oriented to a guiding theme in terms of both content and appearance. This creates a stringent learning journey, whereby the content can be easily recalled through the spatial visual coupling. Existing or specially created multimedia content (PowerPoint slides, PDFs, web-based training, videos, podcasts, websites) are integrated from external sources or LMS / LXP platforms for effecitve employee training.

Virtual learning environments

Create a virtual learning environment with rooomSpaces where training can take place, content can be delivered and questions can be collected. New employees can find all important onboarding information about company culture, administration, tools and internal regulations here. New learning content can also be prepared and made available for team members.

Smart Learning Spaces


Learning with Augmented Reality

AR and VR content offers the possibility to convey knowledge vividly, to visualize processes and workflows and to enable detailed views. For this purpose, you can provide 3D content on rooom with annotations, animations. Exploded views provide an exact overview of the structure and function of devices and machines.

Augmented Reality

Major employers rely on rooom

Start creating your own Corporate Metaverse for HR.


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Teambuilding for higher employee engagement

Let your employees become a team

A good employee engagement leads to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. If your employees feel engaged, they are more likely to be committed to their work. High levels of employee engagement have also been linked to better financial performance for companies. With barrier-free team events and digital mentoring solutions you give your employees everything they need to fall in love with working for you.

Collaboration & Teamevents

With rooom you can create inspiring spaces for meetings and collaboration between all teammembers & partners. Invite to engaging strategy meetings, energizing sprint meetings or barcamps and reflecting get togethers. This is how you create team spirit and motivation without any travelcosts and wasted time. Also you can use your virtual world for Teamevents, fun interactive breaks or announcements.

Coaching & Mentoring

Digital coaching and mentoring solutions will increase your employee engagement by providing personalized and flexible guidance, tailored to the specific needs and learning styles of your team members. With rooom you provide different learning spaces and learning content for this purpose. This can be anything from an AR model of a machine in a virtual production hall to a video course in time management on a Caribbean island. Analysis tools help measure progress and can provide feedback to supervisors. This can help employees feel more supported and invested in their growth and development within the company. Trough frequent and ongoing feedback, your employees stay motivated and engaged in their work. 

Give your information the space it needs with an Intraverse

With an Intraverse you offer your Team and Partners a  Place for all internal topics and events.

  • Management via CMS
  • Data security according to DSGVO
  • Assignment of different authorization roles
  • Multilingual

Space Templates 

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Centralize all your information

An Intraverse gives you the opportunity to gather all important information regarding internal topics on one central place. Everytime someone needs material, has a question or needs a place to archive his knowledege - the intraverse is there.

Get inspired: Metaverse cases for HR topics

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Virtual career information world

The 3D space showcases apprenticeships at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. Through two distinct guided tours, prospective applicants gain not just details about various professions, but also captivating glimpses into daily work routines and the corporate culture.

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3D coaching space Vodafone with female avatar

Coaching & collaboration platform

Vodafone revolutionizes team training, enhances motivation and facilitates efficient knowledge transfer with rooomSpaces. Meeting the demands for virtual workplace learning, this innovative solution provides a fresh format for internal sessions, ensuring active participation and a broader training spectrum.

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Metaverse recruiting

New technologies are transforming the way employers interact with applicants. Blum Group has embraced this and is directly addressing the needs of a tech-savvy target group.The Austrian manufacturer of furniture components offers apprenticeships in more than ten different high-tech jobs. Avatars of the mentors, mini-games and an interactive 3D environment with a wide range of information help in the search for the matching program.

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Virtual training center

With a 360° tour, the global family-owned company Stihl gives potential applicants an insight into its training center. The tour is also ideal for career fairs.


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Digital teambuilding event

Telefónica | O₂ has created a "World of Purpose" on the rooom platform. There, the team has the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss corporate goals with each other regardless of location.

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Virtual job fair in beach environment

Virtual career fair

Digital and hybrid events are the new standard for the future of recruitment - engaging, efficient, and interactive. Awake Fest Talent 2023, hosted online with rooomEvents, has set a new bar for job fairs in the Metaverse. This event was a real blast: with 20+ top companies meeting tech grads at interactive booths, plus inspiring talks and a visionary exhibit.

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