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The story behind rooom:
How a platform for virtual experiences was created.

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We are a dynamic, creative and fast-growing tech start-up. The triple "o" in the name, rooom stands for the three dimensions. Our brand stands for innovation and future orientation. With our web-based all-in-one platform for virtual experiences, we want to set new standards for digitalization. Our mission is to make 3D technology accessible to everyone. This is also reflected in our slogan: The future is 3D!

Story & Mission

As with many success stories, there was an idea at the beginning of rooom: Our company founder Hans Elstner dreamed of founding his own IT company at the age of 12. His vision was a platform that would allow anyone to create their own 3D world easily and without special technology. In 2018, the dream became reality: A web-based platform was created that makes it possible for companies, online shops, cultural institutions, publishers, product manufacturers and also private individuals to work with 3D content easily and cheaply as never before.

The success of rooom is based on our high flexibility. Changes in the market have always been used for dynamic adaptations of the platform. New ideas and customer requests are constantly taken up and implemented by us. In 2020, for example, in response to the pandemic, an event platform was conceived without further ado and developed within a few weeks. With the resulting solution rooomEvents, customers from all over the world now benefit from a flexible and comprehensive solution with which they can plan and implement virtual and hybrid events easily, quickly and web-based. And that's not all: the software is constantly being developed further, so that we now offer an ever broader range of features.

What makes rooom special?

What used to be possible only with special technology, a lot of knowledge and the help of agencies, we now offer freely accessible with a web-based platform. The two-dimensional space of the internet finally becomes three-dimensional thanks to rooom. We have managed to democratize the creation of 3D content. Neither an installation nor large computer capacities are necessary to create your own virtual worlds of experience. In addition, our software works with very small amounts of data and enables excellent loading times. This makes rooom the first all-in-one platform for content in 2D, 3D, AR and VR.

Over the course of time, the portfolio has expanded to include further solutions: Not only can own virtual rooms and showrooms be created, but 360┬░ tours of real buildings are also possible. Print media can be equipped with augmented reality content, and entire events can take place virtually or hybrid with the help of rooom's event technology. There is even an in-house scanning solution available that makes it possible to create 3D models of any objects yourself. The flexible platform concept of rooom enables individual projects - therefore, rooom is also a full solution for digital experiences in all areas.


rooom has already received several awards for its unprecedented start-up idea and for individual lighthouse projects. Among other things, we are "Top partner for establishing early-stage presence in the Metaverse" and a three-time winner of the German Innovation Award. In total, we have already more than 25 awards with our innovative platform. Our goal is to continue bringing a breath of fresh air into the digital industry and to enhance the market with good ideas.

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More than 310,000 users from over 120 countries are already using the diverse applications of rooom! International companies digitize the presentation of their products with rooom. Companies in the event industry use our solution for virtual events. Museums and foundations use 3D tours to take their offerings to a new level. Providers from the e-commerce and real estate sectors also recognize the countless possibilities of 3D, augmented and virtual reality and use them for their marketing.

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