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Create your own interactive Metaverse for business.

Let's define your strategyMetaverse in 3 steps

What is the Metaverse?

Wherever the real world merges with virtual content, the Metaverse opens its doors.

  • With the Metaverse a Web 3.0 is evolving
  • The Metaverse consists of 3D, Augmented Reality & VR Content
  • Anyone can create their own Metaverse, THE Metaverse doesn't exist
  • rooom offers a Metaverse CMS that is easy to use and web-based

Setting up a Metaverse with the rooom platform is easy.

Turn content into experiences


  • Walk-in virtual e-commerce stores with payment integration such as Paypal

  • Interactive product presentations

  • Virtual offices


  • Corporate worlds for cooperation & exchange
  • Virtual event spaces for customer & team events
  • Company worlds for recruiting, onboarding and training

Web 3

  • Create your own NFT collection automatically
  • Choose your blockchain
  • Enter new markets an expand your reach

Metaverse solutions for different industries & cases

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E-Commerce in the Metaverse

Branded virtual showrooms, 3D product visualizations, easy shop integration - that are just a few Metaverse features that e-commerce businesses can benefit from.

  • Product viewer & configurator with AR
  • Easy-to-use product editor
  • Seamless shop integration
  • Easy 3D model creation 
  • Integrated payment options
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Metaverse for learning

The Metaverse opens up completely new possibilities for training, continuing education and onboarding. Customers, employees & partners can sustainably acquire knowledge in an inspiring environment at their own pace, independent of time and location. 

  • Interactive learning environments
  • Ingenious collaboration tools
  • Individualize trainings
  • AR & VR visualizations
  • Simple user management
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Product manufacturers

Build 3D digital twins of your products and trasform your whole process chain.

  • Visualize prototypes immediately
  • Accelerate planning processes
  • Make training interactive and individual
  • Show product features vividly
  • Revolutionize service and maintenance
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Life Science & Biotech

Create virtual laboratories and branded worlds that showcase your solutions, workflows, experiments and research findings while staying in charge of your data.

  • CMS with excluisve tool set
  • Create, manage and integrate 3D data
  • High data security standards
  • Collaboration & interaction Tools
  • Showrooms, 3D Products and Events
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Virtual art exhibitions

Art and cultural assets are big topic in the Metaverse! Classical exhibitions can be enriched with 3D and AR features. Host your own digital or hybrid event with rooom.

  • Stylish exhibition templates
  • Exhibition management via CMS
  • Experiencing art in Mixed Reality
  • Integration of NFTs possible
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Educational content in the Metaverse

With an energy saving Metaverse, the municipal utility cooperation Trianel has developed an interactive 3D environment to convey energy saving tips in a gamified way. Different living situations with 3D elements demonstrate vividly what energy conservation can look like in everyday life – and how much money you can save in the process. A great example of Metaverse education.

Trusted by leading brands

rooom provided a flexible platform for the fast implementation of our ideas. We were able to unite product presentation, documentation, training & education on a single platform to deliver customer-centric content.

Nicolas Zucchini, Ph.D.

Application Specialist & Training Center Manager
BD Life Sciences – Biosciences – France

Democratizing the Metaverse

Creating engaging content should not be reserved for a privileged few. Be empowered to take part in the evolution of the Metaverse - rooom's Metaverse solutions provide the toolbox with which you can utilize powerful, yet accessible 3D and AR technologies to design your own space in the Metaverse. Create engaging digital 3D experiences, 3D models, and spaces yourself. Templates make it easy to make content available quickly -  for product presentations, learning environments, or cultural content. Use the technology you like - smartphone, VR or AR headset. rooom's Metaverse platform supports different technologies without any problems. The degree of digitization and immersion is up to you. 


your world

Build digital and hybrid events, virtual showrooms or digitize your products in 3D. Using our metaverse software requires no skills, download or hardware.



2D, 3D, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and beyond – we give you the power to create modern online experiences that transcend realities.

Engage your audience

Push your marketing to the next level. Increase conversions, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction with experiences that create true immersion.

Define your Metaverse strategy

Leveraging professional 3D technology

Implementing metaverse solutions for enterprises means creating lasting 3D content. Don't spend your money building an experience that only works at one point in time. Go for solutions that are sustainable, that deliver content that can be updated and used in multiple ways. A metaverse strategy also means connecting with the customers on a deeper level. So you need to build a bridge between the real and the virtual world. To make this work for everyday life your solution needs to be easily accessible no matter if it is an event or a product presentation. 

rooom's metaverse software is 3D based at its core. We are all about empowering enterprises to create memorable 3D experiences for anyone, anything, anytime. Why 3D? Because 3D visuals allow you to create experiences that go beyond looking at a screen. 3D invites to explore and engage. All in all it's about producing a wholesome experience that makes the customer dive into a fascinating world. An experience that they will remember and talk about.

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  • How is Metaverse technology already being used?
  • How can companies shape their Metaverse strategy?


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How to create your own Metaverse world?

Step 1 |

Choose a space template

Sign up for a rooom account and select one of our template spaces.

Step 2 |

Customize via CMS

Transform your 3D space into your very own corporate Metaverse using a user-friendly Content Management System.

Step 3 |

Share & integrate

Use your Metaverse Space, showrooms, Product Viewer & co. on your website, in mailings or on social media.

The rooom Metaverse CMS in action

Trust an award-winning platform

Unleash the Power of the Metaverse

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Collaboration in the Metaverse

Can you imagine to explore the Metaverse with your personal avatar? 3D avatars are a great feature to interact and collaborate in the Metaverse. Communicate with others via spatial audio, text chat or video call. Lifelike gestures make meetings with other avatars in the Metaverse a whole new experience - perfect for HR purposes. Our Metaverse platform lets you choose from a wide range of avatar types - Anything is possible, from abstract people, robots and cartoon characters, to completely individual and customizable avatars. You can even upload a photo to easily create your own 3D avatar and customize it with individual hairstyles and outfits.

NFTs in the Metaverse

The rooom Metaverse platform offers excellent possibilities to integrate NFTs. We are already working on different Web3 solutions, for example:

  • Coin or treasure hunts with digital reward (e.g. through a badge)
  • Presentation of artworks in virtual showrooms or galleries
  • Jewelry and special accessories for avatars
  • Create 3D objects with rooom and mint as NFT
  • Purchasing option for properties, areas or buildings in the rooom-hosted metaverse
  • Development of a sustainable NFT solution

FAQ: Metaverse

How does the Metaverse work?

There is no such thing as THE metaverse. There are many different metaverses for gaming, event, sales, marketing or even learning purposes. Since there are different platform providers, it is especially important that applications can be integrated and networked. Companies can build their own Metaverse world from virtual rooms, 3D products, 360° tours and other elements.

What does the metaverse have to do with NFTs?

NFTs can have various applications in the metaverse, e.g., as representatives of asset ownership, access authorization to virtual spaces, or as certificates.

Why do you need a CMS for the Metaverse?

Content is Key - also in the Metaverse. With a Metaverse CMS (Content Management System), content such as virtual spaces, products, advertising or even teaching content can be flexibly adapted and updated in the Metaverse - without any programming effort, conveniently and with just a few clicks.

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