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What is the metaverse?

Depending on who you ask, the metaverse is a multitude of things. It always seems to involve a company with a piece of tech that connects people in a digital manner. It is a space knitting the internet and physical world into a more engaging and interactive whole. It’s 3D and 2D and – in a way – 4D. It’s up to you how deep you want to dive in.

The metaverse is spread across all devices – wearables, phones , laptops, tablets, TVs, smart home devices and accessories, public displays, and so on. It is not a pure virtual space parallel to the physical world. There are fluid, reciprocal connections between the two e.g., paying with your digital wallet in a store or browsing the web on your phone . New technologies like widely available 5G internet, 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality will accelerate the metaverse development. However, no singular entity is developing the metaverse. There is no overall cross-platform roadmap . Everybody is building their own little pocket metaverses that contribute to the bigger metaverse.

For us at rooom, the metaverse is about equality, diversity, and accessibility. Creating engaging content should not be reserved for a privileged few. That is why our platform does not require special hardware or apps, runs on every device, and is in its basic form free of charge. Everyone should be able to create in the metaverse and have the power to shape its future. We want to support that by delivering the toolbox with the rooom platform.

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"The metaverse is already all around us, connecting as many different people, businesses and areas of life as possible."

Hans Elstner, CEO rooom

Democratizing the metaverse

With that in mind, we developed the rooom platform. The metaverse software gives every user the chance to create and manage 3D models and spaces themselves. Templates make it easy for any user to quickly make their content available - for example, for product presentations, learning environments, or cultural content. You have a VR or AR headsets at home? Use them. rooom - Enterprise Metaverse Solutions enable you to use the technology you like and prefer. The degree of digitization and immersion is up to you. The important thing is: Everyone can participate because the metaverse is for all of us.

Create your world

Build digital and hybrid events, virtual showrooms or digitize your products in 3D. Using our metaverse software requires no skills, download or hardware.

Merge realities

2D, 3D, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and beyond – we give you the power to create modern online experiences that transcend realities.

Engage your audience

Push your marketing to the next level. Increase conversions, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction with experiences that create true immersion.

Anyone. Anywhere. Anything. Anytime.

With the rooom platform, we want to empower everyone to take part in the evolution of the metaverse. Our metaverse platform provides the toolbox with which everybody – individuals, businesses, social or cultural organizations, and all in between – can utilize powerful, yet accessible 3D and AR technologies to design their own little pocket metaverses. We grant the power to create engaging digital experiences to share and collaborate with others. We enable the easy creation of 3D content without the need of special hardware or apps – big and small virtual events, digital showrooms, or digitized products.

Collaboration in the metaverse

Can you imagine to explore the metaverse with your personal avatar? 3D avatars are a great feature to interact and collaborate in the metaverse. Communicate with others via spatial audio, text chat or video call. Lifelike gestures make meetings with other avatars in the metaverse a whole new experience. Our metaverse platform lets you choose from a wide range of avatar types - Anything is possible, from abstract people, robots and cartoon characters, to completely individual and customizable avatars. You can even upload a photo to easily create your own 3D avatar and customize it with individual hairstyles and outfits.

NFTs in the metaverse

The rooom metaverse platform offers excellent possibilities to integrate NFTs. We are already working on different solutions, for example:

  • Coin or treasure hunts with digital reward (e.g. through a badge)
  • Presentation of artworks in virtual showrooms or galleries
  • Jewelry and special accessories for avatars
  • Create 3D objects with rooom and mint as NFT
  • Purchasing option for properties, areas or buildings in the rooom-hosted metaverse
  • Development of a sustainable NFT solution


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Our metaverse solutions for enterprises

The rooom platform consist of four pillars: rooomEvents, rooomProducts, rooomSpaces, and rooomImmersions. All metaverse applications are scalable to your individual goals and needs. Digitize essential marketing tasks like events or product promotion, create innovative smart learning concepts, build bridges between digital and analog culture and much more – no matter if you work in B2C or B2B industries.

The ultimate platform to create engaging, interactive virtual or hybrid metaverse events your audience won’t forget. 2D, 3D, VR, AR – anything is possible.


Kickstart your metaverse business and visualize your products in 3D & AR. Integrate them anywhere and empower your audience to virtually experience your products.


Create virtual metaverse showrooms for the objects you want to present, e.g. products, art, or buildings. It is easy to build, edit and visit – including VR options.


With our AR experience solution your audience can truly explore 3D models in the physical world. A smartphone is enough to enter your powerful metaverse experience.


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