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Metaverse Management Services

Because the virtual world needs maintaining, too

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Metaverse Management Services:
the next evolution of the MSP

IT services has long been a hotbed of outsourcing. Because the skills of managing and maintaining technology infrastructure aren’t a core competency of most companies; it’s far more efficient to bring in an MSP (Managed Services Provider) with specialist knowledge. It’s why “managed IT services” is a US$239bn sector expected to grow at 13.4% a year.

Where rooom comes in: the next evolution of the internet – the metaverse – needs managing, too. Let’s look at the services early adopters of the new 3D internet are likely to need and why it makes sense to outsource them now.


5 reasons

Naturally, companies adopt Metaverse management services to stay ahead of the curve. But there are a lot more reasons to keep up.

How rooom works

Our mission at rooom is to pave the way for enterprises to integrate Metaverse technology into their daily operations.



We offer different subscription types. Determine which abo fits your needs.

5 reasons to adopt
Metaverse management services

Reason #1: visible intellectual property can be compromised

As an immersive 3D environment, the Metaverse is special. Users don’t see photographs of your products, but solid models of them, reproducing exact sizes and color palettes. That means your patented designs, copyrighted content, and other intellectual property are in the open, for all to see.

That “virtual value” is just as real as the value in your business processes – so it’s just as important to manage it. And if you let users customize products in this virtual space, it opens up NFT potential too – meaning your graphical model has real-world value. At rooom you’ll find a comprehensive Content Management System in wich you can create and manage 3D models yourself, set up virtual space and much more.

Reason #2: because it’s not just *your* metaverse

Not unlike physical security and facilities services, metaverse managed services provide the critical function of making sure the ideas, data or IP shared is protected and workplace violence or harassment is nonexistent.


Hype Cycle for Managed IT Services, 2022

The Metaverse is not like a videogame - meaning the Metaverse is not just set up once and stays that way. The Metaverse is a connected, integrated part of the web. Which means it can connect to applications, databases, shared resources and it can also evolve.


Those connections need watching, maintaining, and securing against bad actors to create a good experience for your customers. You’re not alone in the metaverse. With a managed metaverse partner like rooom, you’re not alone in managing it either.

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Reason #3: maintaining visitor interest needs effort

The rise of the metaverse generates a new challenge: how do you keep the environment interesting, informative, and fun?

Choose a managed services partner that treats the Metaverse as business opportunity. Select a service that comes with a comprehensive CMS. A software that lets you add content to your space without overloading your bandwidth. That lets you create new objects without talking geekspeak. And lets you view, rotate, and restock your virtual offerings the same way you’d manage stock in the real world ­– with industry-standard enterprise applications for inventory and stock control.

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Reason #4: the need to stay on top of device confusion

Managing the Metaverse has two sides. There’s the virtual environment you create, and the devices people use to experience it. On the one hand you have to take care of your corporate space. On the other hand you have to make sure users can access with the device of their choosing.

That’s another advantage of partnering with rooom: our Metaverse platform is built to handle today’s device landscape. The phone in your pocket, the wallscreen in the den, and of course goggles and helmets gaining traction in the market: rooom works on them all.

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Reason #5: because you need to plan for changing needs

You might think objects in the metaverse don’t depreciate, because they’re not subject to the wear and tear of the real world. But, like everything else in business, they are. Needs change, markets evolve, and what you create has a shelf life.

Today, your Metaverse might be a showroom. Tomorrow, you might want to host a conference there. In fewer years than you think, it might be synonymous with your office: a place where employees and partners come to collaborate. You can’t predict all your future needs. But you can plan to manage them – with an extensible platform like rooom.

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How rooom works

rooom Metaverse managment services empowers you to manufacture virtual worlds, generate 3D digital twins and create amazing experiences yourself. No special knowledge needed. No special hardware needed. Just get your login and start creating engaging new content which you can share via link or embed into your website or e-commerce store.

Do we know what the metaverse will look like in ten years? No. But we’ve got an idea of what you’ll need as it becomes the everyday experience of the connected citizen. It’s about finding a reliable partner who treats the Metaverse as a business opportunity.

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How you get started
adopting Metaverse management services


Step 1: Sign up

Create an account on and book a virtual space.

Step 2: Create

Customize the space template in your Corporate Design. Create 3D content and fill your space.


Step 3: Share

Publish your metaverse space. Share the link, embed it on your website and promote it.


rooom Metaverse management service

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