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The future of the event industry is digital. Create virtual experiences full of interaction and connect people from all over the world without travelling.

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Organisers of events of all kinds are currently facing major challenges. Visitors come from all over the world, which means long and expensive journeys. In addition, numerous events are cancelled due to the worldwide pandemic. But a violent storm or, say, an airline strike can also have fatal consequences if, for example, conference participants are stuck at the airport. A digital or hybrid event is the solution!

What is a virtual event?

With a virtual event, you can transferD conferences, trade fairs and press events from rustic conference rooms and dusty exhibition halls to limitless online locations. Participants of business events log in via desktop or mobile devices from the comfort of their office or home office, the audience of B2C events participates from the comfort of their couch at home. This allows people from all over the world to easily and impressively come together in a virtual location without getting on a plane, a train or even a car. If you don't want to miss out on the real thing altogether, you can also plan a hybrid event where the real event and the virtual event complement each other. Almost any event format is digital or hybrid feasible and is in no way inferior to its original role model thanks to countless ingenious features. The future of the event industry is digital - be part of it!

rooomEvents creates 2D or 3D virtual experiences and facilitates engagement with attendees via a web-based platform. The use of a head-mounted device (HMD) is not required to participate in a rooom virtual event; however, using one will enrich the experience. An interactive, hands-on space is offered to attendees where they can create their own avatar and be fully immersed in a 3D environment with support for AR/VR for an enhanced learning experience.

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Advantages of digital events with rooomEvents

rooomEvents is an easy-to-use all-in-one platform for planning, executing and tracking unforgettable online and hybrid events full of interaction possibilities. Create internal company events, large trade shows or virtual press conferences quickly and easily. You can also cover your team's continuing education with a smart learning environment on the platform. Everything centrally in one place, extensive in possibilities, flexibly adaptable and easy to use. Content such as avatars, exhibition booths or showrooms can be reused for another event at any time. This way, you can plan, manage and track all your internal and external events centrally on one platform and benefit from countless advantages.

  • No traveling and accommodation costs
  • Enormous reach and unlimited number of participants
  • Less stress, more comfort
  • Precise success measurements and analytics
  • Additional revenue from online tickets
  • Innovative company and product presentation
  • Flexible and long-term availability of the contents
  • Many interaction possibilities
  • Central event management on a single platform
  • Individual locations without the limits of reality


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Virtual events of all kinds

Thanks to the multitude of possibilities and features, you can implement almost any event in a digital or hybrid format with rooomEvents. Host high-quality livestreams, offer chats, breakout sessions and Q&As, add variety with games, whiteboards and image walls and enjoy the event experience with live avatars and emojis.

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How to monetize
Digital Events

Online event platforms are initiating a new era of events. We have put our best strategies together on how to make money with virtual and hybrid events. Learn more about the success factors in our free whitepaper.

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Hybrid events as a sustainable alternative

In the future world, trade fairs, congresses and cultural events will continue to take place on site. In the long term, digital event platforms such as rooomEvents will nevertheless become increasingly important. As a result, fewer people will have to get on a plane, especially in the international context. Digital exhibition booths can be visited at a hybrid event at any time and from any location. And real booths can also be supplemented so that products can also be discovered virtually thanks to 3D and augmented reality.

Both an exact image of the on-site event and a completely new design are possible: There are no limits to the design with rooomEvents. Not even afterwards, because the content of a hybrid event can remain accessible on demand even after the actual event date.

FAQ: Metaverse Events

What are the advantages of virtual events?

Virtual events can be attended from anywhere, saving participants a lot of time and travel costs. Thanks to the unlimited space in Metaverse Spaces, the number of participants is highly scalable. Virtual spaces can remain accessible after an event and content can be made sustainably available via video-on-demand. In addition, leads can be excellently managed and analytics can be automated.

What are hybrid events?

In a hybrid event, digital content is added to a traditional on-site event. This is done with the help of live streams, video-on-demand and additional offerings such as chat rooms, gamification and matchmaking. In this way, physical participants as well as virtual guests receive an optimal experience that promotes immersion in the subject matter.

How can digital events be monetized?

There are numerous ways to monetize a virtual event at every stage. These include, for example, sponsoring booths, selling tickets in various price ranges, and also rich media ads that can be placed on video walls or even as push notifications, for example.


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