Networking features for virtual & hybrid events

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Feature Overview

Digital events such as festivals, trade fairs and conferences bring people with similar interests together and allow great collaborations. rooomEvents is made for a great experience with intelligent networking.

Interactive Breakouts




Networking Carousel


Text Chat



Video calls &
text chat

Integrated communication tools. Bustle on stage is great, but you would also like to have direct conversations or present your product in a live demo? Video calls and chat rooms let you communicate without distraction. Choose between 1-on-1 conversations, video conferences or group channels. Everything is embedded seamlessly to the rooomEvents user interface – no additional software needed!

Calendar & appointments

Scheduling made easy. Everyone wants their event to sparkle with creativity and inspiration – with rooom, virtually anything you can imagine is possible! Even mundane issues like direct appointment coordination are easy in rooom thanks to the personal calendar connected to each individual’s digital business card. Let your attendees store their own availability during the event and compile a personal agenda of favorite program items. Import and export? No problem!

Interactive breakouts

Spontanous meetings at the virtual roundtable. Would you like to provide a breakout space where your audience can exchange ideas on specific topics? No problem! Let visitors move around, meet each other and start conversations easy and targeted in a 2D environment with rooomEvents interactive breakout rooms.

Networking carousel

Have fun meeting new people and Casual video matches. Have fun between the live sessions with virtual business speed dating! The rooomEvents networking carousel connects you randomly with other participants to video chat with them for a few minutes. Don’t be shy; make new contacts and have a coffee together, before the conversation moves on to the next interesting partner.

Networking &
business cards

Looking for valuable new contacts? With the rooomEvents matchmaking your attendees can skip the looking part and start directly with the finding. Interesting contacts are suggested to the participants through a comparison of interests based on the shareable digital business cards.

Unleash your potential:
features for Virtual Events

Analytics & Insights

  • Real-time tracking
  • Engagement Insights
  • Lead scoring
  • Data export
  • Integrations
  • ...

Analytics details

Collaboration & Meetings

  • Avatars with expressions & gestures
  • Voice-Chat
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Sticky Notes
  • ...

Collaboration details

Broadcasting & Streaming

  • Compelling live streams
  • Video-on-demand
  • XR-stages
  • Q&As and live emojis
  • ...

Webcasting details


  • Booth in virtual exhibitions
  • Microsites
  • Ad banners
  • Sponsored live streams
  • Featured products & jobs
  • ...

Sponsoring details


  • Individual avatars
  • Polls and Q&As
  • Gamification & Image wall
  • Virtual photo box
  • Live emojis
  • ...

Engagement details

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