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3D Product Viewer

Simply embed your 3D models into your shop or website without affecting your loading times!

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Bring your products to live

With the 3D Product Viewer you present your products online in a more vivid way. Visitors to your shop can view each product from all sides and, if necessary, project it into their living room with just one click via AR. This accelerates the purchase process, increases interest in your offers, and ensures significantly lower return rates.

  • Easy to use product editor
  • No special hardware or skills required
  • Use existing 3D data or generate new data
  • For all shopsystems and CMS
  • AR features included


Why use a 3D product viewer?

3D scan chair


Create 3D & Augmented Reality Content yourself - with or without pre-existing 3D data.

flexible product editor rooom


Adjust your content anytime & anywhere using rooom's product editor.

product 3d exploded view


Offer your customers content to become active and fall in love with your products.

e-commerce integrations product viewer


Integrate your 3D Content into your shop or website - easy & flexible.

Integrations for all shopsystems

You are hosting an online shop with popular e-commerce software? Check out our ready-made plugins and get started right away.

You want to give it a try?

3D content increases the likelihood of purchase by 30% and reduces returns by up to 70%. In addition, visitors spend almost 4 times as much time on a page where there is 3D content to discover.

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Product visualization simple & universal

You can integrate our 3D Product Viewer into existing shop systems as easily as into any other type of website. You can send 3D product views by email or share them on social media. We keep the processed data volumes as low as possible. So that every device can easily become a travel guide into the 3D world.

Show products interactively

Don't just show rigid product photos in your online store, but offer comprehensive product experiences. Use animations and annotations to explain functions, show details and simply awaken the play instinct of your customers.

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Create HD Renderings automatically

Once you have created a product viewer of your product on the rooom platform, you can quickly and easily create renderings with just a few clicks. These are unmistakably similar to a real product image, offer an ingenious level of detail and are convincing wherever you do not want to or cannot use a viewer, e.g. in a print brochure. 

  • Viewing angle and zoom level freely selectable
  • Automatic process
  • High image quality

Product configuration for all shopsystems

With a 3D product configurator you bring ease and fun into the configuration process. Your customers can easily and intuitively put together their desired products and try out all available options. At the same time, the configurator facilitates the work of your sales team by clearly displaying all possible product variants and thus simplifying the consultation.

3D product configurator

Interactive 3D products give our customers a user-centric experience on our website and reflect our forward-thinking image.


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Scale up your business and get your customers excited with out 3D product viewer.

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