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3D Integration for OXID

Present your products in 3D with our plugin for the OXID shopsystem

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rooom offers a 3D viewer for e-commerce shops that can be integrated into the OXID e-commerce system - for spatial commerce experiences in high quality, without slowing down the loading time.

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Advantages of 3D Commerce


Profound purchase decisions reduce the environmental footprint. 


Fast purchase decisions

Customers get a feel for size, color & texture. 


a buzz

Online shopping becomes a new experience.


Competitive advantage

Offer your customers a very special experience. 

Features of our 3D E-Commerce Software

  • Easy 3D model creation using photos or (existing) 3D scans
  • Fast loading time thanks to minimal data volumes
  • Integrated Augmented Reality (AR) function
  • Seamless integration via plugin
  • Interactive product configuration via 3D configurator
  • Presentation in virtual showroom possible

Mixed Reality Experiences for your E-Commerce Platform

Let your customers enjoy digital experiences with rooom: Our AR feature makes it possible to project products from your e-commerce store into the real environment with just one click - without the need to download an app. In this way, customers can check whether the new carpet or couch from your shop will fit into their home before they make a purchase.

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