AR(T) & NFT: Art Meets Technology

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Clarissa Leithiger, rooom AG
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As part of a hybrid vernissage, we hosted an extraordinary event combining art and technology. Read the story to discover more about the innovative concept as well as the implementation of AR art and NFTs with rooom.

Breaking New Ground with NFT Technology & AR Art

How can new technologies change the way we experience art? What are potential use cases for NFTs in the art world? Questions like these stood at the center of the hybrid event focusing on art and technology. Guests from various fields of expertise and interest were invited to a unique vernissage as part of a joint project with our technology partner CREAT3. “FromAFT (Actual F*cking Thing) to NFT (Non-Fungible Token)” was the motto and we were able to create an impressive synergy between technology and art on June 23, 2022.

The technology explained

AR Kunst


Augmented Reality: Extending physical reality with virtual content.

A painting is placed on a blank wall using AR with a smartphone.

NFT Kunst


Non-Fungible Token: Digital object anchored on a blockchain.

NFTs guarantee protection against forgery and can digitally verify the ownership of physical works of art.

Visitors were not only invited to an exhibition of paintings by contemporary artist Pedro Martin Rojo, but also to a paneldiscussion on the topics of NFT, AR and immersive spaces and their influence on art. QR codes made it possible to enjoy an Augmented Reality experience for each of the paintings – entirely without downloading an app. The acrylic paintings are unique collectibles that were anchored to the Ethereum blockchain with an NFT as a Digital Twin. The NFT serves hereby as a proof of authenticity, sold in a bundle with the physical artwork.

NFT & Web3 - What is it?!

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Digital Art with Augmented Reality

Parallel to the physical vernissage, visitors had access to an online event platform hosted via rooomEvents. From there, it was possible to visit a digital version of the Zurich Kraftwerk in 3D and to experience the vernissage from all over the world. The art pieces and respective NFTs could, of course, be purchased online using the platform. Digital visitors also had the unique opportunity to place the paintings directly on their own walls in their home or office environments using Augmented Reality. A completely new experience to make art both more tangible and vivid for prospective buyers – especially when they are not able to attend the live event.

After the event, only owners of the NFT have still access to the AR art pieces. This is made possible by embedding information in an "unlockable area" that only owners of the NFT can access. A one-of-a-kind innovation that allows the painting that has been purchased to be presented in all its glory.

That’s what it can look like:

Go ahead and visit the 3D art exhibition and be inspired by the works of art. Hidden behind each painting are AR and NFT functions.

loading iFrame

Success Factors for Virtual Art Exhibitions

A well thought-out concept is the be-all and end-all of hybrid events. The idea behind the vernissage was to help guests better understand the current metamorphosis in the art world through emerging technologies. For this purpose, a number of use cases were shown, and possibilities and limits were put to the test. This allowed people to discover not only the art and the artist themselves, but also the underlying technologies. A great opportunity to enjoy the latest big playground – Digital Art and NFTs. It demonstrated the use of Web3 and metaverse technologies using a practical example.

The goal was to create a unique event that combined technology and art. A digital gallery, the integration of NFTs and the "Try at Home" gimmick all aimed to create a fusion between the virtual and the physical world. Ease of use was the deciding factor for using rooom’s platform. We wanted to guide users through the experience all the way to the purchase process as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, jumping to third-party websites and systems had to be simplified or avoided wherever possible. We used various technologies to showcase the potential of 3D and AR as well as tokenization with NFTs. The combination of virtual and real experiences created new opportunities to participate and opened the vernissage to a wider audience.

Working with rooom has allowed us to give a new look to an existing format. The fusion of the digital & physical experience has created entirely new perspectives.

Eduard Dehgraf | CEO CREAT3

The Future of AR Art, Events & NFT

The technologies centered around the metaverse offer new opportunities for artists to display and promote their work:

  • Virtual showrooms and 3D spaces provide innovative opportunities for creative concepts in the metaverse. rooom’s content management system enables even non-professionals to create virtual art exhibitions.
  • With Augmented Reality, paintings, sculptures or installations can be experienced on smartphones. AR art allows virtual reality and physical reality to merge – easily via app or QR code.
  • Flexible online event platforms such as rooomEvents offer features for live streaming, networking and interactions between participants – a key to success of virtual and hybrid event concepts
  • Blockchain and NFTs allow the verification of authenticity, thus providing the technological foundation for digital proofs of ownership, certificates of authenticity, and collectibles.

But there’s more: Bringing NFTs and art together will allow NFT owners to access AR models of art pieces they bought in the future. This creates new opportunities for art lovers to showcase their property anywhere and at any time.

Together with CREAT3, we have developed a solution that brings the synergy between technology and art to life. Now, we plan to enhance the virtual art exhibition. We want to show how 3D technology, AR art and NFTs can generate new clientele, experiences, and sources of revenue for artists. Using the hybrid vernissage as a pilot project, we developed a new format that opens up a scalable platform for emerging artists and enables them to reach larger audiences. Both the 3D space and the AR artworks are designed for long-term and sustainable use – the virtual exhibition can still be visited and utilized for future events. We are already looking forward to upcoming AR art projects!

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