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rooom's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions offer countless possibilities for creating showrooms, product presentations, events and 360° tours. With our 3D scanning services, we offer everyone the possibility to very easily create their own 3D content for use in these solutions. Here are the details about rooomSCAN.

3D Products for Metaverse Worlds

Let’s start this blog article about the spectrum of rooom’s 3D scanning services with a brief excursion into the metaverse. The whole world is talking about the metaverse and the huge potential that lies hidden in digital worlds – for society as a whole and for enterprises in particular. For many people, however, digital spaces look a lot like scenarios from video games. We see ourselves exploring outer space, hanging out on a Caribbean beach with friends or diving into a virtual underwater world. To a certain extent, this idea is true, of course, because in digital worlds, every conceivable environment can be visualized. What will be special about the fantastical metaverses of the near future, however, is that they don’t have to be purely fantastical. They will rather be full of “realistic” objects and will seamlessly intertwine with everyday life in a lot of places. This brings us back to our 3D scanning services:

Why are we talking about metaverses

We discuss this idea in detail in our blog article “What is the metaverse?” Generally speaking, one large metaverse will not be feasible and it is more likely that there will soon be a variety of metaverses. Enterprises can create their own corporate worlds, art lovers and history buffs can build their own digital spaces, and areas just for socializing are also possible.

3D scans for enterprises in the metaverse

Particularly in business environments, enterprises are dreaming of interactive showrooms and corporate worlds in which physical products can be presented as if they were within reach – not just in 3D and VR, but also in Augmented Reality. So how do models of physical products find their way into these virtual worlds? You’ve probably guessed it already: primarily through 3D scanning. In contrast to other providers, rooom does not require extensive orders, product photographers, 3D designers and countless meetings to coordinate such scans.

As an all-in-one platform, we at rooom are working on various 3D scanners that are designed to make the transfer from real to digital objects as simple and straightforward as possible. Research and in-house developments in the 3D field enable us to optimize processes enormously and that accounts for the big difference between our platform and those of other providers. We provide our own 3D scanning software as well as hardware solutions. This allows our customers to present their products in online showrooms, place them in the marketplace of their digital corporate world or simply display them on their website without delay.

How to upload 3D content to the rooom platform

To turn real objects into 3D models, customers of various providers on the market usually have two options: Either they provide ready-made 3D data or they send in countless product images that capture every conceivable angle of the object. Alternatively, an object can also be sent to the studio of a 3D agency. For obvious reasons, this is not a very glamorous option for sofas, wardrobes or motorcycles.

At rooom, we develop hardware and software solutions that enable customers without CAD data on hand to scan their objects quickly, easily and, above all, on their own and without special knowledge, to convert them into 3D models and to use them further. Currently we have 3 different hardware solutions to scan objects of different sizes quickly and efficiently – our ScanBox, ScanArm and ScanRig. This means that even customers without 3D data are free to decide which products they want to incorporate into their digital world.

The rooom 3D scanning solutions

Over the years, we have been researching different ways to convert objects into 3D models as efficiently as possible. We have looked at various available solutions on the market and optimized existing solutions piece by piece for each use case or developed our very own solutions.

1. ScanBox – The 3D Scanning Service for smaller objects

The ScanBox offers an all-in-one solution for the scanning, further processing and adjustment of objects up to 30 cm in size. Similar to a microwave, they are placed on a turntable inside the box and automatically photographed from all sides. The best part is that our in-house software solution uploads the image data automatically to the rooom system and converts it into product viewers.

2. The ScanArm for product pictures in 3D

When searching for a solution that can also capture larger objects as easily as our ScanBox, we noticed the immense potential of robotic arms. With ScanRig, we have developed a solution for fully automated 3D scanning based on one of these arms. It can be used to take high-quality images of medium-sized objects that are perfect for creating 3D data. In order to do this, the arm first creates a pre-scan, from which it calculates an initial 3D model. This model is then used as the basis for taking product images that accurately capture all angles of the object and feed the rooom 3D pipeline with optimal data.

3. Der ultimative 3D Scan Service - ScanRig

ScanRig is a hand-guided device that was developed by rooom. ScanRig can be used as a stationary or portable device. It can easily capture 3D suitable photos. Larger objects can be scanned with the help of a turntable. Alternatively, the portable version of ScanRig can also move around the stationary object using a guide rail and take images from all sides.

“ScanRig is a one hundred percent in-house development by rooom AG – from hardware and software to the complete logic behind it. With this solution, we make it all come together. ScanRig is suitable for both mobile and stationary objects of all sizes, the pipeline runs smoothly, and the end results are ingenious product viewers that can be customized and easily managed. Great.” Michael Bicker, Chief Innovation Officer  rooom AG

What is the rooom Product Viewer?

The rooom Product Viewer makes it possible to integrate 3D models into websites interactively, to send them as a link, and to bring them to life in Augmented Reality. Customers can define how their 3D models will be displayed at any time using a 3D Product Editor. In addition to the Product Viewer, rooom also provides a Product Configurator, which is perfect for selling variations of products online. All that is needed to use these products is a 3D scan or, of course, pre-existing 3D data.

rooom’s Scan Apps

In addition to various hardware solutions that make it much easier for enterprises to digitize their products, rooom also offers the free scanning apps, rooomScan and rooomLiDAR. Both of them guide users through a simple scanning process and allow them to upload the results of the product scans directly to the rooom platform. The apps make it possible to create 3D scans very quickly, completely by yourself and without any technical equipment. They are perfect for getting started in the world of 3D scanning. For ideal scanning results, however, we highly recommend our professional hardware.


Enterprises that want to make an impact in the metaverse should not settle for impressive 3D worlds only. They need to make sure there is a strong connection to the real world of their customers. rooom’s Enterprise Metaverse Solutions offer countless possibilities to create showrooms, product presentations, events and 360° tours that do just that. The 3D scanning services are a solid basis for achieving this goal. Products of all kinds can be scanned easily and quickly converted into versatile 3D product viewers. This means that even a conventional online store can become part of the metaverse by allowing customers to view products in 3D and project them in AR directly into their surroundings.

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