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Increase of SEO Ranking trough 3D
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A good Google ranking gives you visibility, attracts customers to your site and helps you reduce advertising costs. In addition to the classic search engine optimization (SEO) methods, interactive 3D content can also help you get ahead of the competition. Learn how here.

Why a good SEO ranking is key

A full 95% of Google users get stuck on the first search results page. If you don't find anything here, you usually just change your search entry. For the success of your site, it is therefore immensely important that you make it to page one with your most relevant pages. Imagine your website like a shop window. You lovingly design the display so that you can spark the interest of your customers. You coordinate the design with the graphics department, have meetings about the best button texts and choose every image carefully. And you should. But that's not enough. Just as important as your storefront is the street your storefront is on - the Google search results page. If no one strolls by your fancy store, you'll either go under or have to invest heavily in advertising that attracts your target audience to you. So page one is the goal. But how do you get there?

SEO – Websites for Users

If you've done SEO before, you know how to research keywords, what an H1 headline is, and how to tag images so that Google finds them interesting. These and many other things form the classic foundation of on-page search engine optimization and are also known to your competitors. To be really successful in the SERPs, you have to get a little more creative. For a long time, sentences like "When designing your website technically, visually and in terms of content, you should always keep two things in mind: the search engine and the user." were true. Forget those sentences. If you do it right, it's enough to put yourself in the shoes of your target group and offer them meaningful content with added value.

If you want to improve your Google ranking, user-friendliness and good content should be the focus of your optimizations. Your goal is to give users exactly what they are looking for or need. Pages with long loading times, texts without statement and pages without good design will be left immediately. There is just too much good competition out there. The Google algorithm has become efficient at detecting whether users are finding what they are looking for on your site or not. If you make your visitors happy, you will be rewarded with a good Google ranking.

Interactive content for a better Google ranking

Based on more than 200 factors, Google's algorithm makes a decision about which pages are displayed at the very top for which search queries. Key factors are: 

  • High-quality content that can only be found on your site.
  • Image and video material that inspires
  • A page that loads quickly 
  • A reputation that is strengthened by backlinks 

Visitors want to be invited on a journey of discovery with added value. Of course, in the first instance we understand high-quality content as well-researched texts with facts, interviews and statistics. But other formats can also convey content in a good way: Videos, graphics and interactive content. Which of these options do you think your competitors probably haven't discovered yet?

What is interactive content?

Interactive content means everything that users can move on a page themselves, i.e. elements with which they can interact. These can be sliders, buttons, flipcards or even 3D viewers. By being able to do something, guests stay longer on a page. The use of such elements is sustainably worthwhile for the company's success: conversions can be increased by 10-30% through interactive elements and websites can achieve 11 times more sales.

What can interactive 3D content do for you?

Studies show that 95% of users prefer interactive 3D images to videos. Whenever a 3D view is available, it is actively used by around 82% of site visitors. This leads to an average duration of use of 20 seconds, and for 34% of users even 30 seconds. The total time that users spend on interactive pages can thus be improved by a whole 270% - an almost six-fold increase. Web pages and store pages profit in a similar way from 3D content.

3D SEO for webpages

Interactive 3D content offers several advantages: First of all, it gives users something to discover and conveys information in a clear and exciting way. For example, do you provide an overview of your company's services on your website? Then make it more exciting by using a walk-through interactive 3D showroom with videos, flyers and a chat option. Does your site showcase a museum or exhibition? Then use a 360° tour to give prospects a taste of the on-site customer experience. The possibilities of 3D content are endless. And by the way, you automatically increase the time spent on your site - another important signal for Google. Of course, it's crucial that you choose 3D content that is user-friendly and has fast loading times. Platforms like rooom allow you to create such content in just a few steps and to easily integrate it into your site via embed code or plugin.

3D SEO for E-Commerce Pages

In online stores, the rules for a good Google ranking are basically the same as everywhere else on the web. However, you should pay attention to some specific features, especially for successful product pages.

  • Reasonable URL hierarchy, breadcrumbs and cross-linking between similar products to guarantee good findability.
  • Good product images or videos that show all details and special features
  • Trust signals such as reviews and seals of approval
  • Descriptions that leave no question unanswered for customers
  • High user-friendliness, especially mobile, as online shopping often take place on the couch, in the train, during lunch break or in waiting rooms

Interactive 3D content, specifically 360° product views, can help you optimize many of the above points. It is obvious that a 3D view is more expressive than a normal image. At the same time, the view also helps with product explanation. Give your customers the possibility to look at the new sofa, the kettle or the fancy boots from all sides, to zoom in, to open additional information and even to look at an augmented reality projection right next to them. Size, texture, color and style can be assessed much better this way. The AR feature in particular offers mobile users an easy way to access information.

Interactive 3D Content by rooom

The rooom platform offers you a wide range of different 3D tools and features to make your site more interactive. There are 3D product viewers, 3D space viewers and augmented reality content that you can try out alone or in combination. The advantage of rooom`s platform is that you can create, manage and customize this content yourself. To get started you can use templates. Prefabricated 3D content, special knowledge and expensive technology are not necessary. And the loading time? Thanks to highly compressed data, that's one of the big highlights of the platform - perfect for your SEO efforts.

  • 3D Product Views with annotations and/or animations
  • AR Content for immersive shopping experiences
  • 3D Product Configurators to discover product variants
  • Virtual Showrooms with avatars, 3D products and chat function
  • Virtual 360° Tours with virtual staging option

Examples of 3D content usage:

Homematic IP: Smart Home products smartly presented

With its smart home system "Homematic IP", the German manufacturer eQ-3 offers its customers the opportunity to bring more comfort and security into their homes. Thanks to the seamless integration of 3D representations, users stay longer on the product pages and retailers have a first-class sales tool at their fingertips.


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Puky: Bringing bicycles from the website into the living room

Puky has been supplying families with exercise toys and bicycles for over 70 years. With the help of an interactive showroom, where vehicle models can be viewed in 3D and AR, the supplier offers its customers added value - something even the youngest in the family can interacte with. And in the online store, interactive 3D views of the products are also integrated alongside classic product images.

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Well-known German product manufacturer takes off with 3D

A large German product manufacturer observed significant improvements in dwell time (360% longer), ranking (5-fold increase) and purchase probability (30% higher) after incorporating 3D content into its marketing and sales concept. At the same time, the number of returns dropped by 70%.


Whitepaper 3D E-Commerce 

Conclusion: 3D Content for better User Experiences

Content is Key. Especially in highly competitive fields, you need to offer your users valuable and interactive content. Don't just describe what you have to say, show it to them in the most vivid and exciting way possible. Invite them to dive into your world and discover information, offers and products close enough to touch. Online showrooms, 3D models, mixed reality and 360° tours offer so much more than a text or a video. They add value to your site and provide an enhanced user experience, which in turn sends positive signals to search engines. Dare to try new things and you'll see that you're one step ahead of your competition.

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