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Experience objects in AR

Augmented reality (AR) applications bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. 3D content can be projected into the real environment via a mobile device close to the user's fingertips. With rooomCube, you can now literally touch the content and view it from all angles.

The perfect tool for:

  • Interactive product presentation
  • Smart Learning content
  • Eyecatcher on your trade show booth


Download your cube template

    What is rooomCube?

    rooomCube opens up a whole new world of learning with digital content. With the help of a cube and a free app, learning objects can be experienced more vividly than ever before. Imagine holding a world sphere, a cell or a technical component in your the palm of your hand! And also products can be easily presented remotely and taken anywhere.

    The cube is available as a soft cube or as a printable paper template. The exclusive soft cube is currently only available at our trade show appearances. Feel free to reach out to us and follow - Enterprise Metaverse Solutions on LinkedIn to stay informed about the latest trade shows and events. You can download a template to print out and build your own rooomCube here:

    Download your cube template

    Mobile apps

    The rooomCube app is available in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. Choose from a variety of public objects directly in the app or scan the QR code of a rooom 3D Product Viewer. In both cases, the object of your choice is projected onto the rooomCube and you can freely rotate and view the virtual object. 

    Learning with Augmented Reality

    Using Augmented Reality to learn more efficiently - How exactly does it work?

    Smart learning experiences have been proven to provide lasting knowledge transfer and a motivation booster. With the right tools, it is even possible to create AR learning content yourself. You can learn more about the technology, its use cases and benefits in teaching, training and professional education on our blog.

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    How to build your own rooomCube

    1. Download PDF
    2. Print out the template
    3. Cut out and glue together

    Download your cube template

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