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2021 was a year full of new innovations, exciting and successful projects and great awards. We were able to celebrate our success and our unique team together.


For a successful start in the new year we are working on a great project: With our platform we create an interactive 3D environment for the Deutsche Telekom Top Management Team Meeting (TMTM) to enable digital networking for more than 800 executives from all over the world. The stunning responses allowed us to implement many innovative projects for Telekom throughout the year. These include events such as Telekom Tech Grounds, Telekom Partner Day and the Female Leaders Club, where we are able to bring participants from all over the world together virtually with unique 3D experiences and interactive networking features.


In the second month of the year, we celebrate a special award: rooom is ranked 11 of Germany's Top 50 Startups 2020. The award in the top 50 shows that we can achieve anything with our creativity, agility and commtiment and motivates us to climb even further to the top of the ranking in 2021.


We are in the midst of developing, a virtual world where concerts, festivals and cultural events can take place on digital 3D stages. With this project, we want to offer the cultural sector a new perspective to support artists and attract and inspire participants from all over the world. In 2022, will continue to play an important role and give rise to new projects.

We have also developed many new interactive features: Video Shuffle, for example, works like speed dating. All participants are randomly connected to each other and can talk to each other before being passed on to the next partner. Our new interactive breakout spaces are also a great way to connect and network with each other at virtual events. We particularly enjoy using the tools to meet new team members, connect across multiple locations and teams, and provide a unique digital networking experience for all participants worldwide.



We were able to attract investors for a major funding round. An investment of over 4 million Euros will support our growth, the further development of our software platform and our international market entry. The positive feedback from the investors demonstrates trust in our company and our vision and, above all, promotes the implementation of upcoming projects.

We are also setting another milestone in our company's history: We are expanding into the USA and establishing a subsidiary there. With this important step, we want to conquer the international market in order to operate more globally in the future.


May brings up a lot on our success agenda. We are awarded twice at the international Eventex Awards 2021. And the success story continues: we win Gold at the German Innovation Award 2021. Thanks to the numerous awards, our event platform is gaining more and more visibility and reputation, strengthening our positioning on the national and international market.

Internally, there is also reason to celebrate: We have established a branch office of the OneHub in the new Intershop building in Jena. This allows us to offer numerous new team members another creative place to work.


We continue on the road to success by winning the German Brand Award 2021. The award has the widest reach of any brand and marketing prize in the German-speaking world and is an industry award for market leadership. It shows that we have succeeded in establishing rooom as an international brand.

We are also working on another major project: for DHL, we organized the first 24-hour online event using our event platform. The program took place live over 24 hours on three different continents and inspired more than 16,000 participants. For us, the project is an important step in supporting leading global companies with our solutions and working together on innovative projects.


Finally, our partners from the USA come to visit us. In a week full of workshops and activities, they get to know our team and exchange ideas with our CEO Hans about the cooperation.

Meanwhile, we work diligently on a project for E.ON Innovation. Together, we are designing the virtual community space "E.ON Republic of Innovators" where digital events will take place throughout the year. Participants can exchange ideas and network with each other on global topics in an interactive 3D world.

Other exciting projects are also emerging in Germany. We are further expanding our office outside our hometown of Jena. In our new office in Leipzig, a beautiful old villa in art nouveau style, our team meates can move in and work together on new projects.


In summer we are happy about a very special event: rooom AG celebrates its 5th birthday with a big party. In a hybrid format, all employees on site and from all over the world are invited to celebrate our birthday. Of course, this includes a delicious buffet, our own cocktail bar, funny community games and a lot of surprises. We are overwhelmed by what we have achieved in the last five years and how many projects and team members we have gained worldwide.


We introduce our experience platform to the whole world in a special XR keynote. Our release generates a lot of interest worldwide. Major magazines such as Forbes, XLive and Fast Company report on our platform, which enables anyone to create digital experiences that connect people and businesses worldwide.


At the end of the year, we are able to win another competition. We are the winner of EIT Digital's “Scale up for Europe” program. The leading European organization for digital innovation and entrepreneurial education is committed to the digital transformation in Europe and promotes innovative companies, projects and ideas that drive digitalization worldwide.


We are an official member of aware_, Germany's first sustainability platform. Together, we engage for a more sustainable society and want to show how digitalization can be used to rethink process chains in a sustainable way.

We celebrate another international success with the Augmented World Expo 2021. The world's leading event for XR technologies uses our platform for a huge event. In a unique 3D environment with a virtual stage and versatile program, participants from all over the world can network and get inspired.


At the end of the year, we announce another membership: the VR/AR Association welcomes us with a network where we can exchange ideas with other members worldwide in events about various applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

To spread Christmas vibes in our offices, each team is creating an Advent table with treats and surprises. In addition, this year's Christmas party will take place in a virtual rooom X- mas world. With lots of digital surprises, such as games, a magic show and a DJ, all rooomies celebrate the end of the year and toast with mulled wine to the successful time and a unique team.

A year of innovations and ideas

2021 was a time full of innovations, successful projects, and numerous awards for us. Our team has developed countless new features and solutions, we have taken on challenges, gained new customers and partners, and outgrown ourselves. We also grew as a team - in total we welcomed more than 60 new team members this year - amazing!

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