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Immersive Tech is the future. Let’s take a look at the key trends and developments in AR, VR and 3D that will shape the digital industry in 2024.

Immersive experiences are taking center stage in 2024. Beyond flat web pages, we believe that the future of the internet is immersive and three-dimensional. This immersive internet – or Metaverse – stands not only for more engaging websites, it will create experiences that enable users to interact and collaborate with each other in richer ways than ever before. Let’s take a look at the key developments and stepping stones in immersive tech that will take us towards that future.

Web-based 3D, AR and VR

We share the vision of an immersive future web of infinite potential, inclusive and three-dimensional – enriching and simplifying our daily lives. To realize this vision, it’s essential for us to make our 3D, AR, and VR solutions web-based and easily accessible. As digital experiences become more popular with a wider audience, the emphasis on web-based platforms grows. Platforms like these eliminate the need for app downloads, providing immediate and universal access on various devices. This approach not only democratizes 3D, AR and VR, making them available to a wide audience, it also meets the demand for smooth, cross-platform experiences. Thanks to the advancements in web technologies like WebXR and WebGL, the gap between web-based and native app experiences has been bridged, allowing for high-quality, immersive experiences straight from the browser. As immersive tech advances in 2024, look out for even more inclusive and innovative digital interactions. With the increasing level of immersion in digital experiences, the importance of the corresponding hardware also grows, leading us to the next significant trend.  

Mixed Reality

Expect to see more of the exciting blend of real and digital worlds, as Mixed Reality environments become more common. The exciting fusion of the real and virtual world is already transforming industries and enriching digital experiences. In 2024 this emerging technology is set to make a significant impact – particularly in the consumer market. The release of a new Meta Quest headset at consumer prices marks a turning point, bringing MR experiences to an even wider audience.  

Moreover, the eagerly awaited Apple Vision Pro is expected to further boost interest in MR. For us, this represents an exhilarating opportunity. We are already working to ensure our solutions are fully compatible with these Mixed Reality devices. As more people get to experience this technology it becomes more accessible, its adoption and integration into daily life will become more intuitive for users. This not only alters how we engage with digital and physical worlds but also the way we interact with the content within it.  

AI-powered 3D spaces & virtual assistants

3D spaces powered by generative AI will be a big topic in 2024. Creating 3D spaces and even whole 3D worlds will become easier with the help of generative AI.


A major focus for us is the enablement of our customers and partners, so they can more easily interact with our platform. Thanks to generative AI and the advancements in technology, the entry barrier is getting lower and lower. Customers and partners will be able to create entire 3D spaces themselves in almost no time which they can then tailor to their needs, upload and use on our platform. Let’s be on the lookout for digital creativity, unprecedented customization and truly immersive 3D content.


AI-driven assistants are advancing rapidly, offering more intuitive and interactive user experiences. We are currently developing solutions for AI-powered Avatars that can understand and address complex questions, while also providing real-time information, guidance, and assistance within virtual spaces. These intelligent virtual assistants are true repositories of knowledge about events, places, companies, or products. Trained with relevant information they can acquire their own personality traits, offer personalized recommendations, and continuously improve the quality of assistance provided. So, it won’t be long until we can expect immersive and highly personalized experiences for a variety of conceivable application areas – from process optimization to customer interaction. 

Digital Twins

In 2024, digital twins are set to be a major trend across different sectors. The impact of these digital representations of real-life counterparts is far-reaching not only for Industry 4.0 where they are already used to enhance efficiency through real-time monitoring and maintenance. But also for Building Information Modeling (BIM): Digital twins of entire buildings bring precision and efficiency to design and management, enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, and support informed decision-making throughout a building’s life cycle. This provides huge advantages for the construction industry, streamlining processes from design to execution. 

Ready to create immersive experiences in 2024?

You want to incorporate immersive Metaverse solutions? We’re all ears! Let us talk about your digitalization plans. Together, we will develop a personalized strategy just for you! 

Collaborative Work

Blending in-office and remote work brings flexibility, productivity, and work-life balance. Finding the right solutions, especially for training and onboarding, is a hot topic this year. Many companies are recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction in times of skilled labor shortages and are rethinking their strategies to accommodate the preferences of their workforce, instead of insisting on full-time office presence. And why should they when there are a lot of innovative tools for digital collaboration out there?  

At rooom, we might be a bit biased, considering we’re offering tools like these and are set to enhance our collaboration solutions even further in 2024. After all, hybrid work saves costs and time, is much better adapted to the current work environment where teams are spread all over the world or at least the country and it is more in tune with the environment. Sustainability also plays a big role here, as the training or onboarding content can be archived and preserved. So, stay tuned as hybrid work solutions have shaken off the dust and are evolving towards meaningful use cases. 

Immersive Commerce

AR, VR, and 3D remain prominent trends in e-commerce, delivering exciting and immersive shopping journeys. Virtual showrooms and products in 3D allow customers to virtually try and visualize products, bridging the gap between online shopping and the in-store experience. This not only captivates shoppers but also lowers return rates. Companies embracing these technologies gain a competitive advantage, drawing tech-savvy customers and setting new standards in customer engagement. They are reshaping the future of retail. At the same time, brick- and-mortar stores will also be able to incorporate mixed reality features, for example AR portals, into their in-store experience, merging the flexibility and convenience of online with the advantages of offline shopping.  

Democratizing 3D, VR and AR

Heading into 2024, we at rooom are excited, as we’re well on our way to make immersive digital experiences more accessible with our all-in-one platform. 

We stand on the brink of an exciting era in technology. With the rise of truly accessible Mixed Reality, we’re set to witness a seamless integration of the digital and physical worlds in our everyday lives. Web-based 3D, VR, and AR solutions, which are an integral part of our company’s vision, promise inclusivity and immersive experiences that are universally accessible. Fueled by generative AI, we will see huge steps forwards when it comes to empowering partners and customers to create 3D spaces and leverage AI-driven virtual assistants. Digital twins combined with Building Information Modeling are about to revolutionize the construction industry by enhancing efficiency and precision in site planning. Meanwhile, hybrid work models, adapting to modern work environments, will become more flexible, efficient and sustainable thanks to new tools for digital collaboration. And in e-commerce, the immersive potential of AR, VR, and 3D technologies offers customers unprecedented shopping experiences.  

These innovative technologies set to be big topics in 2024 hold the promise of significantly enriching and simplifying various areas of our lives. 

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