rooom Team AR Portal

AR Portal - Icebreaker for Sales & Marketing

With the AR portal, rooom offers a completely new tool for linking the real world of customers with the virtual world of a supplier. The analog portal…

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CREATE3 x rooom Partnership NFT

Partner Talk: Deep Dive into the World of NFTs

You want to know what is going on with NFT solutions in the metaverse? Read the guest article by our technology partner CREAT3 and become an NFT…

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Augmented Reality Tourismus natura jenensis

Create New Tourism Experiences With Augmented Reality

The nature experience region "natura jenensis" invites visitors to experience nature and history up close. A mixed reality app allows them to admire…

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Hall Showroom Bioscience with avatars

How BD used the rooom experience platform to deliver personalized content

The BD Biosciences virtual lab delivers customer experiences in a new and innovative way. Read the user story to learn more about their…

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3D scan service of interior

rooom 3D Scanning Service - Software and Hardware for 3D Scans

rooom's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions offer countless possibilities for creating showrooms, product presentations, events and 360° tours. With our 3D…

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Digital conference dashboard

Smart Country Convention: A pioneer for digital conventions

With our event platform, SCCON was not only successful in 2020 with a digital format, but also again in 2021. Read the user story to learn more about…

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customer in digital Showroom

The virtual showroom as a sales & marketing tool

The potential of a digital showroom as a sales and marketing tool is huge. From a small information stand to an extensive brand world. Learn how how…

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Center of a metaverse city

The metaverse 2022 - what will it look like?

2022 will be the year of the metaverse. Boundless possibilities stand alongside countless unanswered questions and leave room for visions. We have…

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virtual space for an online event

Using rooom to build a community

We have created a first-of-its-kind hybrid event platform to actively foster and build a community with oncology thought leaders, connect with women…

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team from rooom - the enterprise metaverse patform

That was the rooom year 2021

2021 was a year full of new innovations, exciting and successful projects and great awards. We were able to celebrate our success and our unique team…

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Digital Vernissage „Kulturzeichen 24/7

A virtual vernissage - art in digital space

With the rooom experienceCloud we digitally implemented the vernissage "Kulturzeichen 24/7" and visualised exhibited artworks as 3D models. This makes…

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Bonifatius 3D Product Viewer

Sustainable archiving of cultural assets 

With our 3D scanning capabilities, cultural assets can be sustainably digitised and archived. With the help of innoavtive 3D scanners, we have…

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